Carolina Hurricanes Look to Stave off Elimination Against The Bruins

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Justin Williams #14 of the Carolina Hurricanes  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The Carolina Hurricanes take on the Bruins in game five tonight

The Carolina Hurricanes look to avoid elimination and live to play another game this evening as they take on the Bruins in game five. Here are the Keys to a win.

Backs to the wall, now is the time to have the best three straight games of the series. Never mind the series record, the Hurricanes have to play like they have been set on fire. They have to play like nothing else matters. They have to win tonight and be prepared to do it again tomorrow.

This is it. You slip up once in the next three games and you are on a one way ticket back to Raleigh, North Carolina. The entire fan base will have a lump in their throats as they watch this game. I know I will.

But everyone needs to understand that it can be done. Winning games against the Bruins is not a far-fetched notion. The only game that had a higher goal differential than one was game three, and even then, it was due to an empty netter.

There is so much more for this team to give. They have so much further to go. This is not a team that bows out in the first round. This is not a team that allows another team to come into the series and bully them like this, this is a team that no matter how far astray they go, they come back and they win.

We know this. But can this Carolina Hurricanes team prove it to their fans? It starts by following these three keys to the game and skating away with the win to force a back to back.

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