Carolina Hurricanes: Keys to Taking a Series Lead Against Boston in Game Three

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Andrei Svechnikov #37 of the Carolina Hurricanes celebrates  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The Carolina Hurricanes take on the Bruins in game three at noon.

The Carolina Hurricanes look to take a series lead against Boston with an early win today. Here are the keys to securing game three of the series.

Noon hockey. I hate it. Especially on the weekends. I like to sleep in. Maybe watch some Saturday morning cartoons on Netflix. Feel like a kid again.

Instead, I had to wake up nice and early to make sure I get my coffee in and get ready for this matinee game between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Boston Bruins to see who will get the lead in this nailbiting series.

This game will be a launching point for whoever wins it. After all, that team will be halfway towards the number of wins needed to secure the series. For the Boston Bruins, it will be just their second win since March 10th. They will be in desperate need of a win here today. Without it, they will begin to truly wonder if their game one 2OT win was a fluke.

I can hear your comments about it being a fluke thanks to the officiating even while I am typing this article. Look, to be absolutely honest, this series has been a trainwreck for almost everyone involved so far. From the officiating to both teams on the ice.

But that is because there are actual passion and energy on the ice, regardless of what Tuukka Rask has to say. You don’t have games like these without a playoff atmosphere. Sitting on my couch and watching this game with my laptop on one end and my dog at the other end wondering if I’m having an elongated heart attack, it looks and feels like a playoff game.

That’s because it is. And the Carolina Hurricanes are going to have to do everything they can to win this game today, or else Boston will have eaten their lunch. Speaking of lunch, here is what I suggest the Carolina Hurricanes do for lunch today.

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