Carolina Hurricanes: Keys to Tying up the Series in Game Two

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The Carolina Hurricanes skates against the Boston Bruins (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The Carolina Hurricanes take on the Bruins in game two tonight

The Carolina Hurricanes are looking for some gam two vengeance and a way to tie up the series at one apiece against the Boston Bruins.

Yesterday was not a fun game. Not by a country mile. Between the terrible no-goal that was missed, the missed calls, and the Carolina Hurricanes flat out playing terribly, there was not much to enjoy. tonight this team gets to try and redeem itself and turn this best of seven into a best of five.

We already knew the Boston Bruins weren’t going to be a pushover team, but if yesterday’s game was truly the worst game of the series, Carolina won’t be the team leaving the bubble when the dust settles.

The Boys are ready to go and take this series to Boston starting tonight. They have already shown a stellar record on the second half of back to back games thanks to their conditioning and strength training afforded to them by Coach Bill Burniston and the motivation a given to them by Rod Brind’amour who didn’t censor his feelings about the game yesterday and was fined for doing so.

That is where we will start on our keys to taking control of the series away from the Bruins.

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