The Carolina Hurricanes Swept the Rangers on Twitter Too

Sebastian Aho #20 of the Carolina Hurricanes (Photo by Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images)
Sebastian Aho #20 of the Carolina Hurricanes (Photo by Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images) /

The Carolina Hurricanes brought the heat on social media.

The Carolina Hurricanes brought the heat on the ice sweeping the New York Rangers in only four days. Their social media team extended the beating to the digital world too.

New York Rangers fans, look away. There is nothing but misery and pain moving for you in this article. I beg you to go do anything else. Catch up on your favorite TV show. Pick up a new Hobby. Read that new Stephen King book. Whatever you do, do not continue reading this article. You have been warned.

For the Carolina Hurricanes fans still with us, welcome back to the party. The Carolina Hurricanes are the first team to be done with the Qualifying/Round-Robin round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and have officially earned themselves a playoff spot for the second year in a row.

Meanwhile off the ice, the Carolina Hurricanes social Media team has been taking the task of giving the Rangers and their fans a proper send-off a little bit too much to heart. But can you blame them? After months of hearing it from the Rangers fan base, they launched the ultimate petty campaign to bury them all once and for good.

To kick things off, they did what we all wondered if the on-ice team was going to do; a Storm Surge, thanks mostly in part to one Brendan Lemieux who had once decided to mock the celebration back home at PNC.

Oh yes they did. The Carolina Hurricanes dialed the petty up with this one, but when you mock a team on their ice, it most definitely will come back to haunt you. Bad sportsmanship will always come back to haunt bad players.

The team also made sure to take the time to honor the dismissal of the inventors of diagonal from the Toronto Bubble:

If you thought that bad sportsmanship from the Rangers players was going to be the only thing that was going to haunt the Rangers and their fanbase, boy are you in for a life lesson. See the Carolina Hurricanes held on to all the recipes.

That included virtually every Rangers fan harassment of the Carolina Hurricanes who claimed that not only were the players who voted no on the “Return to Play” plan scared of the New York Rangers because of a new irrelevant 0-4-0 record against the Blue Shirts, but that the Rangers were going to be the ones to stand victorious after three games.

Unfortunately for them, history did not happen that way:

But you can forgive fans for bias. After all, that is what makes them fans, which is short for fanatics, of their teams. Looking back at that winning record against Carolina can make anyone over-confident in their team.

On the other hand you have to expect more from those who deem themselves experts on the sport. A certain Don Cherry, self proclaimed arch-nemesis of fun and by default the Carolina Hurricanes, had the same confidence in the Rangers.

He wasn’t spared either as the team continued their social media culling of their haters.

There is so much more than just these handful of tweets. Go into the comments of these tweets to find fans looking to excuse their Rangers or deny their statements get flamed by a team named after a completely different natural disaster.

You can also go back to the original response tweets of these fans, once considered ignored tweets to a verified twitter handle belonging to a professional hockey team, get turned right back around. Rangers fans were frantically diving overboard and deleting their tweets. It was an absolute slaughter. You can only sit back and enjoy the bloodbath.

Goes to show that sometimes you have to take accountability for your words, and maybe just maybe, stick to commenting on your own team’s social media handles. What you put on the internet stays on there forever after all. In this case, the consequences were just a really good hockey team with an equally good social media team taking you to town.

The team managed to sneak in a few good jabs yesterday too when game four had to be “cancelled” due to unforeseen (by Rangers fans) circumstances.

Bummer indeed. There is no doubt that if this series was a best of seven and Game 4 had to happen there would still be a sweet of the Rangers and this incredible display of pettiness would have continued to dominate.

Question for CC Readers: What was your favorite tweet of the night?

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