Carolina Hurricanes: Keys to a Successful Game One vs Rangers

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Sebastian Aho #20 of the Carolina Hurricanes (Photo by Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images)

The Carolina Hurricanes face off against the New York Rangers

Here are the Keys the Carolina Hurricanes need to take the first of a best of five series against a good New York Rangers team.

It’s game day! Time to get up early, get some coffee, eat a healthy breakfast, find the TV remote, do all your pregame traditions, and get ready for some Carolina Hurricanes hockey at noon! The first of the best of five series games against The New York Rangers will kick off the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs Today and you do not want to miss it.

The Hurricanes and Rangers will both be looking to quickly get a win into the books and try and end the series quickly in preparation for the first (second?) round of the playoffs against one of the four teams (Boston, Tampa, Washington, Philadelphia) that will be taking each other on in a round-robin for seeding.

But before we can count our eggs and plan for that round, we have to get through this one. That starts today, nice and early against a team equally hungry for a chance at the Stanley Cup. So what do the Carolina Hurricanes need to do to ensure they aren’t on the early trips back home heading south?

A lot of these keys will sound very redundant. That is because they are. These have been the keys to victory in almost every game in the regular season and there is no reason to figure that things will have changed that much going into this series, other than the overall conditions and the fact that it will be played in an empty arena.

The truth of the matter is, no matter which way you dice it, these are the things that need to happen for the Carolina Hurricanes to put the Rangers on their heels early and perhaps finish them off before next Wednesday.

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