Carolina Hurricanes: 2020 Training Camp Guide

Carolina Hurricanes  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Carolina Hurricanes  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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Forward Momentum

The Carolina Hurricanes have a powerful offense

Keep an eye on these forwards to use training camp as a springboard for a career-defining playoff performance.

The Carolina Hurricanes completed the last ten games of the abbreviated regular season with a 5-4-1 record after following a four-game losing streak with a three-game winning streak. The point production in the last three games was bolstered by veteran Justin Williams and call up Morgan Geekie.

The elite SAT line (Svechnikov, Teravainen, Aho) accounted for only 9 goals out of 33 total in the last ten games.  While it is definitely a positive that the other lines stepped up and accounted for more goals, I think training camp gives the SAT line a chance to rediscover their dominant chemistry.

The last 10 games for the trio looked like this: Teravainen accounted for three goals and four assists, Aho combined for 10 points with five goals and five assists, and Svechnikov for a total of seven points with one goal and six assists.

The trend I would like to see in the playoffs is an increase in goal production from this line, predominately from Svechnikov. This line has made an enormous difference in the regular season, and I expect the same for the playoffs as training camp should provide the practice the line needs to prepare for the postseason.

I have gushed about Justin Williams since his return to the roster this year; not only because of what he means to the team as a leader but also because of how much his performance has been essential to the team the last few games of the season.

Williams’ remarks on a zoom call on the seventh should remind Caniacs of ethe opportunity that Carolina has next month in the playoffs. Williams not only said that “I came back for a chance to win a Stanley Cup”, but also that “we’re a Stanley Cup contender, and we know that”.

Williams accounted for eight points with six goals and two assists in ten games. In my opinion, he was the defining factor of the last three wins that the Canes were able to secure, one being against the difficult division rival the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Justin Williams comments’ tell me that he will be focused and ready to lead the team to a deep playoff run. We just don’t know if Williams will return next season, so expect the veteran to leave it all on the ice.

One last player I will be keeping an eye on is Vincent Trocheck. The former Florida Panther only accounted for one goal and one assist in seven games, so training camp will be a necessary time for him to further acclimate to the Hurricanes’ style of play in order to increase point production in the postseason.

Next up is the blueliners, and one name stands out as a question mark above the rest.