Carolina Hurricanes: The Best Broadcasting Voice in the Game

Television play by play announcer John Forslund of the Carolina Hurricanes  (Photo by Gregg Forwerck/NHLI via Getty Images)
Television play by play announcer John Forslund of the Carolina Hurricanes  (Photo by Gregg Forwerck/NHLI via Getty Images) /

The Carolina Hurricanes are blessed to have one of the best announcers in the business for almost every game they play, so who is John Forslund?

John Forslund has been the announcer for the franchise since before they left Hartford. He works not only for the Hurricanes, as you can often hear John Forslund on the national call which shows you just how respected and highly rated he is as a commentator. He is the best in the business in my honest opinion, placing my fandom to one side.

Born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1962, John Forslund would take to being the voice of the franchise aged just 29. He would call the Springfield Indians of the AHL from 1984-1991. This would be the birthplace of the well-known “Hey, Hey whaddya say” catchphrase that you can hear whenever Forslund thinks that the Hurricanes have put a game out of reach (as claimed on a live broadcast). The phrase is actually in honor of his father.

John Forslund graduated from Springfield college and Adelphi university to get his Masters degree in athletic management. Yes that is correct. John Forlsund has a masters degree in athletics management. Not only has his voice been so welcomed by Canes fans around the world, he’s also qualified to manage in athletics.

In 1991, Forslund moved to the NHL’s Hartford Whalers as public relations director. However on 1995 one of the best voices to ever call this great game was given his first chance at the NHL as he replaced Rich Peckham as the play-by-play voice of the Hartford Whalers and the legend of John Forslund was born.

He would call the last ever game the Hartford Whalers would play in, as the Massachusetts native would follow the team as they left Connecticut down to Raleigh. He would become the first ever voice of the Carolina Hurricanes, and it is his voice we hear when we visit all of the best moments in Carolina Hurricanes history. He’s been with us in our living rooms for 22 years now.

Just thinking about some of the best moments in Carolina Hurricanes history, from the series sweep against the New York Islanders last summer, or Brock McGinn‘s game 7 double overtime winning goal against Washington. It’s all Forslund. The 2009 shock at the rock, or the miracle Finnish against New Jersey. Scott Walker‘s OT winner against Boston. He’s the voice of all our best moments.

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Just before the change of the millennium, John Forslund would get a new partner. One that goes by the name of Tripp Tracy, and the brilliant duo have been together ever since. They have been the Canes commentators ever since. John and Tripp have been likened to Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets, as the two elder guys that sit in the rafters making jokes about the performances.

Either way, there is little to deny just how great John Forslund is at his job. He is one of the best commentators in sports, not in hockey. He was nominated for National Sports Media broadcaster of the year, and there is no one more deserving than John Forslund. He is one of the best in the world. Caniacs need to realize how lucky they are to have a man like Forslund on the call for most games.

Question for Cardiac Cane readers: Do you think there is anyone more deserving for the award than John Forslund?

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