Carolina Hurricanes Fantasy Picks and Betting Lines vs the Buffalo Sabres

Everyone had some fun as the Carolina Hurricanes finally got a win Monday night. Buffalo will be a much tougher contest and certain guys need to step up.

Let’s take a second and take a deep breath. The Canes not only won on Monday night, but certainly rose to the occasion. A thumping of Ottawa, 8-2, where almost everyone got a point was what the boys needed. The Canes got their swagger back, and look to keep rolling tonight.

Buffalo will be a much different story than Ottawa, though, in terms of competition. On the Road, and the Sabres are big upset. The Sabres sit in the same spot we did just days ago: started off super hot and are on a bad losing skid. The Canes do not want to be on the opposite end of the 8-2 stick because Buffalo will be trying to do what the Canes did Monday night.

It was very beneficial to have everyone get involved Monday night, but now we need to rely on our main point getters to keep the hot streak rolling. Now there are some injuries that we will talk about here in a minute and how to handle that has a fantasy owner as well.

Dougie Hamilton D

We are going to go right down the line and rely on our 1, 2, and 3 top scorers for tonight. With that the guy on the team with the most offensive points currently is, fan favorite defenseman, Dougie Hamilton.

Hamilton has more points than anyone on the team with 19 offensive points. He also leads the team in goals with 8, and, wait for it, assists with 11.

Hamilton has been THE guy all season so far and, in reality, has to stay hot. Hamilton is always in the offensive scheme and making things happen. Hamilton is now comfortable in his role here in Raleigh, and with this confidence he will NOT slow down any time soon.

While Hamilton is hot, here are some other blue liners to consider in fantasy, but we track on with the Canes number 2 point getter in Andrei Svechnikov.

Andrei Svechnikov F

There has been no sign of a sophomore slump for this young gun this year. Svechnikov has the second most offensive points on the Canes behind Hamilton by 1, tied with 11 assists. This is an average of 1 point, either assist or goal, a game, which also equates to a minimum of two points guaranteed to start Svechnikov in fantasy.

Svechnikov has been on fire, and do not expect this to slow down any time soon. A few games ago coach Brind’Amour made the change to put him on the outside umbrella of the power play, a specialty group that gave Andrei no points last year. Since this change Svechnikov has two power play goals. In fantasy world this is 4 points each. AND the most recent power play goal on monday night came from assists off of Hamilton and our third highest scorer, Teuvo Teravainen.

teuvo teravainen F

Teravainen needs to be your third fantasy start tonight as he is the Canes third highest point scorer with 15 points, and again 11 assists.

If we want to talk about trends, in the first 4 games of the Canes 5-0-0 start Teravainen had an assist on every power play goal. Even as the team began to digress Teravainen, like Svechnikov and Hamilton, have not slowed down.

All in all, the Canes have seen at least one power play every game. With these three guys on the current same power play line, expect points. if one of them scores, the other two probably have the assists, and that is 10 fantasy points.

HOLD: Erik Haula

If you have Erik Haula DO NOT LET HIM GO. As we saw in the Canes recent negative skid, nobody on the team has a better net front presence than the new centerman. Haula is actually tied with Hamilton with most goals, eight on the team.

According to Michael Smith with Haula will play tonight. If Haula can jump right back in to his net front position, also expect Hamilton or some of the blue liners in the linked article, to pick up assists in 5v5 play tonight.

All said and done, Haula should be on your team, even if he is not in the starting rotation tonight for you in fantasy. Otherwise, the focus tonight is on the power play, and a projected 10+ fantasy points.

Carolina Hurricanes betting odds and lines.

Let’s Get Statistical.

Record: 10-7-1

On the road: 3-5-1

At home: 7-2-0

Against the Atlantic: 5-1-0

Against current .500 or better teams: 5-2-0

Against current .499 or worse teams: 5-5-1

Courtesy of The Action Network the Canes are currently -132 on the money line, up from -112 when it opened. The Canes are dangerous this season against the Atlantic division with a 5-1-0 record and coming off a much needed win.

The Canes have the over on this game at -115 on 6, and are +180 on the -1.5 spread.

All said and done; Canes keep rolling in the Atlantic and continue this new hot streak 4-1.

Question for CC readers: Is Buffalo a rivalry? You know, since DC fans say the Caps vs. Canes isn’t one.

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