Revisiting the Carolina Hurricanes 2010 Draft Class

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Drafting is arguably the most important factor in team-building. Historically, do you ever wonder how the Carolina Hurricanes have done in that department?

Trades are exciting, but take time to prove their worth. Free agent signings generate buzz, but some can turn out as a bust. The best way for a team to build their roster historically is through the draft. So where do the Hurricanes stand on the drafting front? Since we’ve now gone through another decade of Hurricanes drafts, over the next few weeks I plan on recapping how the team has fared over the past 10 drafts, starting with 2010 and ending with 2019.

Over the course of 10 drafts, there’s surely going to be some picks that have been home runs for the team, and there’ll surely be some that the team would’ve been better off going in another direction with. Which is expected. Drafting is not an exact science, and, as evidenced by their lack of success during the 2010s decade, drafting is an area they’ve struggled with, especially during the Jim Rutherford era.

Without further a-do, let’s get started with the 2010 draft. In that draft, the Hurricanes made 8 picks, with 2 in each of the 2nd and 3rd rounds and none in the 5th. Overall, with 5 of the top 85 picks, they amassed solid draft capital, but did their selections turn out? Well, they started off with……..

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