Carolina Hurricanes: 5 top prospects to watch out for

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4: Jake Bean – Charlotte Checkers, AHL

Jake Bean has already been called up a couple of times by the Carolina Hurricanes this season. He has featured in two games, but was unable to make his mark as his ice time was limited to less than nine minutes each time. One shot, one block and 2 PIMS is all his stat line has to show – but make no mistake, Jake Bean is going to be a fabulous NHL defenseman:

His play with the Charlotte Checkers has been very encouraging this season. In 57 games under Head Coach Mike Vellucci, Bean has posted 11-24-35 and is continuing to improve his game as the season progresses. He leads the Checkers’ blueline in scoring, and is fourth on the team overall. He’s since been overtaken by Mitch Reinke of the San Jose Barracuda, but this really shows how Bean’s season has progressed:

All signs point to a very good NHL defenseman, and Carolina Hurricanes fans should be salivating at the prospect of seeing Jake Bean feature more prominently with the Canes in the very near future.