Carolina Hurricanes Stat Review: Sell My Soul For Win Against Devils


The New Jersey Devils visit Raleigh again and beat the Carolina Hurricanes for the third time this season

What a game to watch for Carolina Hurricanes fans.  Once again the New Jersey Devils bring their own unique brand of hockey to Raleigh.  Watching this game reminded me of the Devils from when I was a child where they’d score one goal and just clog up the ice for the rest of the game.  Effective? Yes.  Entertaining?  Not even remotely.  Garrison Keeler’s Home Prairie Companion contains more action than this snoozefest of a game did.  In fact, I actually did fall asleep and dreamt of a more exciting game although the Canes still lost in that one as well.  Some things never change right?  Ok, enough review lets move on to the stats.


I’m starting the war to change Corsi.  We’re just going to call it shots from now on and what was shots we are going to call shots on goal much like soccer.  Well except for the next three graphs after this where I still use Corsi because I made them before I came to my bold decisions.  But next time I swear no more Corsi.  The first period here wasn’t great for the Carolina Hurricanes in the 5v5 department but a few penalties helped them carry the shot differentials.  The second period was a different story where the Carolina Hurricanes dominated the Devils in every offensive category except for one that people seem to make a big deal out of.  Yeah, it was one of those nights.  But hey at least there wasn’t a lead to blow right?  Maybe the Hurricanes should start looking to the market to bring in another goal scorer to complement Jeff Skinner

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Corsi Differential

Do Pesce and Slavin ever get tired of being at or near the top of these things?  Let’s hope not or things could get really ugly.  Brock McGinn makes a surprise appearance here.  Well a surprise to me I have missed a couple games so he could be doing better but before the new year, he wasn’t so hot in this area.  Add in the fact he got robbed by Schneider on a beautiful on the knees shot he might round out into a decent player.  We’ll check back in at the end of the month with him.  One big surprise is the Aho/Teravainen/Stempniak line.  Not sure how long they stayed a line last night but still a poor showing by the three.

Corsi and Expected Goals Graph

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Well, look if it isn’t Ryan Murphy, everybody’s favorite whipping boy, in the good quadrant on both of these graphs.  His play has been solid since his return to the lineup and if he keeps playing like this he’ll definitely take minutes away from Tennyson when Faulk comes back.  The player most interesting is Victor Rask who despite playing with Skinner for the majority of the time seems to have lost his scoring touch.  We touched on Rask’s recent struggles, and they seemed to continue in this game.  Rask needs to get things back on track if the Carolina Hurricanes want to reach the playoffs.