Carolina Hurricanes Complete Seven Round Mock Draft

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37th Pick (2nd Round)

Photo: Joel Marklund

Pick: Anton Karlsson 

Position: Right Wing

Height/Wing: 6’2″/187 lbs.

2013-2014 Team: Frolunda HC (Sweden)

Pick Explanation:  The Carolina Hurricanes will go with the big power forward out of Sweden with the 37th pick in the NHL Draft.

Brother of Carolina Hurricanes prospect Erik Karlsson, Anton Karlsson is a guy who can get under the skin of opposing players. He is a very good player in his own end, and his vision makes him a dangerous playmaker in the offensive zone as well.

Anton Karlsson posses a high Hockey IQ. He knows and thinks the game well, and he makes very good decisions on the ice. He also has good top end speed, and his size makes him hard to stop when he is skating fast.

Karlsson spent a majority of the 2013-2014 season with the Frolunda J-20 team where he tallied 22 points (12 goals, 10 assists) in 28 games played.