10 Things You Should Know About The Carolina Hurricanes Exit Interviews


The Carolina Hurricanes exit interviews sounded pretty much the same as last year…and the year before that…and the year before that…you get the idea. Yes, they are frustrated. Yes, they know consistency is a problem. Yes, they are disappointed to not be in the playoffs.

Although, it was the same old song and dance from many players, there were a few interviews that really stood out. You should definitely take the time to watch all the Canes’ goodbye videos, but here are the best (and some random) moments of the day…in my odd opinion.

10. Who manhandled Mr. Harrison?

A rather large man hand shoved a mic on Jay Harrison’s shirt collar all secret spy-like. Harrison just acknowledged the situation and gave a little snicker mid interview. I would have been so startled that I would’ve slapped that hand even if it belonged to my mother.

9. The Manny Mission

Malhotra’s desire to play and compete isn’t going away anytime soon. Thank the hockey gods, because I just adore Manny and how humble he is about his accomplishments. He also doesn’t feel vindicated or satisfied about his return to hockey, as much as Mike Maniscalco tried to help him with the verbiage.

8. The Dynamic Duo

Ward admitted the personal lesson he had to learn this season took longer than he expected. He also confirmed he has an excellent relationship with Khudobin and feels the two of them could be a powerful duo. So, is Kudobin Batman and Ward is Robin? Or is it more like Jamie and Brienne? I don’t know.

7. Oh, Captain, my young Captain

Jeff Skinner does want to be a leader. He said he was a leader in juniors and he’s working toward being a leader at this level. I love it. Captain Skinny has a nice ring to it.

6. Lindy Slam Dunk

Lindholm weighs 196 pounds and he’s ok with it, so back off! On a serious note, he admits he needs a bit more training to be a center at the NHL level. I was really impressed with this rookie’s exit interview, minus the NBA t-shirt he was wearing.

5. Gerbe Pro Muller

Gerbe stated he had a great relationship with Kirk Muller this season and it did contribute to his success. I wonder if the majority of the team feels the same. I like to think so.

4. Raleigh is the Bee’s Knees

Komisarek thinks Raleigh is a “pretty neat spot” compared to the more intense places he has lived and played. Is that a compliment to the city and a diss to the hockey community?

3. Nasher Out

Riley Nash would like to punch the Winter Olympics in the throat as it messed with his mojo. Ok, those weren’t his exact words, but he did feel like he played some of his best hockey before the break. This was a fun interview. He joked that he brought out the best of Skinner and Lindholm. The only thing that would have made this interview more enjoyable is if he grabbed a mic and dropped it before walking away.

2. Faulk’s Flow

Justin Faulk freed his flow as he usually does at the end of the season. This time he went for a subtle Mohawk and (non)playoff beard. The verdict? In the words of Mary Poppins, “Practically perfect in every way.” Very Dman, I dig it. Side note, he also agrees with Skinny that they need to be leaders. Captain Faulk, that also has a nice ring to it.

1. Captain Staal Says Goodbye (for the summer?)

Eric Staal has felt the desperation since the first time the Canes missed the playoffs. He appeared exhausted when he spoke of how long he has been counted on to lead this team to the playoffs and each night without results. He knows the pressure is on and he enjoys the challenge. Finally, he doesn’t want to miss the playoffs and conduct this type of exit interviews in the future. Interrupt as you see fit.

Semin did not give an exit interview and I heard Khudobin will give his recap tomorrow. Knowing the Russian tendy, I’ll be able to write a top ten list solely based on his interview.

What moments from today stuck out to you?