Carolina Hurricanes Warm-Up Songs


In May, Cardiac Cane posted an article by Sally Brown about songs that should cease to exist at Canes games. More recently, Frank Rekas of The Rat Trick wrote a post about five tunes he is sick of hearing at hockey games. Both articles are a fun read, so I suggest clicking on the links to give them a look-see.

These writers got me thinking about what songs should be played at PNC Arena, most specifically, during warm-ups. Last year, Flo Rider’s Good Feeling got the boys pumped up during the pregame skate. Although I did not have a good feeling for most of the season, I enjoyed that track.

Here are my very eclectic suggestions for the warm-up playlist. Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comment section.

Woke Up This Morning by Alabama 3

This is one of my favorite theme songs from a television series. The Sopranos tune may be about an abused wife that decides to shoot her husband after 20 years, but I like to think of it more as Carolina putting the past couple seasons to death and starting with a fresh vengeance this year. Replace “silver gun” with “silver blades” are you have yourself a hockey song.

Dog Days Are Over by Florence and The Machine

Ok, the video is bat-crazy, but the lyrics, “There’s no turning back, the dog days are over” rings home at the start of a new and hopeful season. I could just see all the happy Caniacs clapping along to this upbeat little ditty.

Bad Things by Jace Everett

My apologies, this is what I sing of when watching Jeff Skinner. Moving on…

Bust a Move by Young MC

Classic. Just classic. I mean, “It’s a jam for all the fellas!” Plus, I rather hear Canics scream “Bust a move!” during a game instead of “Skate! Skate!” What do you think they are doing? Knitting?

Movin On Up by Ja’net Du Boise

Who doesn’t love this Jeffersons’ tune? Hurricanes are movin on up to the east finals. More great clapping potential.

Dukes of Hazard by Waylon Jennings

Perhaps not a song that gets your blood pumping, but what a great country tune about boys getting into trouble and making their way. Maybe the Storm girls could start wearing Daisy Duke shorts.

Regardless of the Canes’ playlist, I am pumped for this new season. Let’s Go Canes!

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