Vote Now: 2011 Hockey Tweeter Awards


Twitter went Tebow crazy after Denver’s surprising overtime win against Pittsburgh Sunday night. Some of the tweets were hating, others were crushing, and a few were simply hilarious. Football, specifically the NFL, is not my favorite sport (not even top five). I probably follow less than four NFL players on Twitter.

I will be the first to admit hockey is #1 in my heart and in my social media. Hockey players definitely consume my ‘following’ list, but with so many athletes on Twitter it can be difficult to keep up with every piece on goodness that drops on your timeline.

So, who do you love? Be honest…who do you have saved as a search? What profile do you creep on to ensure you didn’t miss anything? Whose tweets do you favorite?

The Oscars are airing next month, therefore, it seems appropriate (and totally fun) to host an award show of my own. Hockey-based Twitter awards right here on Cardiac Cane. I have presented the nominees, along with their credentials and sample of work below.

Voting begins today and will close promptly at 5:00 p.m. EST Friday, January 13th. Please keep in mind voting should be based on Twitter skills, not on ice skills.

Most Eccentric | They may make you scratch your head in confusion on occasion, but they always make you laugh.

Ilya Bryzgalov (@bryzgoalie30): 72,694 followers and 170 tweets

Childhood is when you are running from the bathroom in the middle of the night, happy you didn’t get eaten.

Mike Richards (@MRichie_10): 62,558 followers and 260 tweets

I don’t know whether people are joking or serious when they tweet at me about being Kramer in Seinfeld.

Michal Jordan (TheBigCzech23): 1,435 followers and 79 tweets

heavy morning with fitnes.where i can get new hips?cuz my hips exploded couple minutes ago.not paying for paint job tho

Joffrey Lupul (@jlupul): 92,387 followers and 813 tweets

To all my male followers: If you didn’t know that BIKE (spandex) shorts are meant to be worn under your gym shorts. Now you do.

Mike Green (@GreenLife52): 62,705 followers and 235 tweets

Atta boy Dennissssss! if your going to chuck cheese better throw it top cheese.#newpresident

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Most Sociable | These are the players that retweet, reply, and are simply more sociable than the rest.

David Perron (@DP_57): 43,934 followers and 2,450 tweets

Thanks for the support everyone and can’t wait to see all of you tomorrow night at scottrade! Will be nervous and excited!#thankyou

Logan Couture (@logancouture): 75,300 followers and 1,909 tweets

Testing my intelligence and playing words with friends for the first time in a long time. Who wants a game?

Ryan Whitney (@RyanWhitney6): 69,938 followers and 802 tweets

Coming up in the next hour or so is another trivia question/riddle by yours truly. First correct answer will win tix to tonights game vs Van

Most Chirpy | To these guys Twitter is just another pistol to fire some friendly (or not so friendly) shots.

Mike Commodore (@commie22): 36,265 followers and 3,338 tweets

After another nice game for@cemmer48 in dallas…he likes to wrap his legs in his#blanky and listen to real soft music via headphones.

Bobby Ryan (@B_Ryan9): 80,999 followers and 2,261 tweets

@PattyMac91 looking at that picture of you makes me thankful I play a sport and not just chirp athletes while crushing my moms fridge.

Bobby Goepfert (@GeffMan47): 2,073 followers and 3,450 tweets

@jtbourne Bite your tongue. At least throw a face on your profile pic. Do u think u are Batman & ur initials/logo suffice? #poortaste #gotham

Matt Martin (@MattyMarts17): 5,908 followers and 94 tweets

But on the bright side, in a couple years@grabs40 and His son Aidan will be able to share clothes!#goodbounce goodnight all!

Most Motivational | Athletes must be focused and determined to perform every day. These are the players that share that motivation.

Mike Zigomanis (@mikezigomanis): 16,458 followers and 2,971 tweets

Making decisions is a skill – the more you make, the better you get at them.

Brandon Dubinsky (@BDubi17): 21,961 followers and 78 tweets

Goals will come my friends!! Gotta keep working hard!! Wouldn’t it be worse if we didnt have a big winning streak going?? They WILL come!!!

Max Pacioretty (@MaxPac67): 63,972 followers and 245 tweets

All I am focused on is getting ready for next season, and will no longer comment on the past.

Most Photogenic | Perhaps they take a nice mug shot, but this refers to making great use of uploading photos on Twitter.

Dustin Brown (@DustinBrown23): 58,954 followers and 554 tweets

A great day with Will and his brother Mac, so glad I could make this kids wish come true!

Marty Biron (MartyBiron_10): 37,365 followers and 487 tweets

Had a visit from my girls at the training center today. Great time for pictures!! All kids love a cool mask!

Ryan Jones (@jonesry28): 48,586 followers and 2,258 tweets

Rocking the Bowtie for the snowflake gala. Only took 20 mins to tie the dang thing.

Michael Grabner (@grabs40): 40,758 followers and 2,704 tweets

Had a great dinner and now I am officially in lock least @HeatherLynn40 said yes.#likegreens? #abouttime

Anthony Stewart (@ehstew13): 16,031 followers and 2,424 tweets

@justinfaulk27 and Iron Man over for Xmas dinner @Brenter37 #rookies

Most Charitable | These players utilize Twitter to promote good. They are the Batman’s on social media.

Mike McKenna (@MikeMcKenna56) AND his dog @BauerSpeaks: 4,356 followers and 4,017 tweets

Helping out at the Humane Society cat house in Chenango this afternoon…really hard not taking one home. Some adorable pets here!

Alex Steen (@Steener20): 15,211 followers and 202 tweets

Photo shoot for dog rescues of stl, Plager roast 2night. Calling ahead to make sure I’m not sitting next to @andystrickland #haveatictacbud

Best Tagline | Their Twitter bio may be short, but it is memorable.

George Parros (@stache16): 32,560 followers and 317 tweets

On-ice assailant, power play specialist, minister of moustachery

Jordan Parise (@72series): 474 followers and 339 tweets

Technician of the mouth. Scars on my heart.@Geffman47 is my nemesis.

Bobby Goepfert (@GeffMan47): 2,073 followers and 3,450 tweets

Some assembly required. Batteries not included.

Most Hilarious | They are comedians in 140 characters or less.

Bobby Goepfert (@GeffMan47): 2,073 followers and 3,450 tweets

Dear People watching Tim Thomas this post season, Goaltending is not that easy. Signed-Every other goalie

Tyler Bozak (@Bozie42): 75, 064 followers and 1,588 tweets

Does anyone know any of these models? Or are they robots….. Is this real life?

Paul Bissonnette (@bizNasty2point0): 204,639 followers and 4,921

Anyone know if you can purchase 16 and pregnant on DVD at best buy? Asking for a friend.

Andy Miele (@Andy_Miele): 6,044 followers and 1,851 tweets

I don’t know why but I think its funny when I see kids crying some times

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