Thoughts for Thursday: After the Habs


Normally the day after a contest Cardiac Cane publishes a detailed recap of the game with analysis. I started one last evening, but I think the recap KP did after the Canes 4-0 loss to the Canadiens pretty much covered the gist of it. I don’t see much value in beating a dead horse hockey team. Instead I bring you some post game quotes, notes from the tv and radio and some general thoughts. Oh and I might have a meltdown at the end of the post. That oughta keep you reading.

  • I only caught the end of the second period and the third on TV and heard the rest on the radio. But I am not sorry I missed the whole thing. In the game there were thirty-six shots on Cam Ward and he stopped thirty-two. Carey Price, on the other hand, walked away with his first shutout of the season after stopping twenty-five pucks. Yes twenty-five. I am not sure Price even had to hit the showers after the game. At one point he was observed sitting in a lawn chair in the crease while getting his nails done. Ok I might have made that part up. But we certainly did not make him work.
  • There is no reason we should have not at least been competitive in the matchup last night. The Canadiens had three rookie defensemen in the lineup. Hal Gill was out with the flu. That was a 6’7” 241lb problem that the Canes did not have to address.
  • When asked post-game about when a sense of urgency for the team kicked in Coach, Paul Maurice said it was “probably five games ago.” I don’t think Caniac Nation picked up on that sense. The Hurricanes are 3-8-2 in their last 13 games and the overall record is 6-10-3. As Jim “Boomer” Gordon pointed out on “The Point” on XH Home Ice today, it’s no longer early in the season.
  • Joe Thistel, Boomer’s partner in crime on ”The Point” kept emphasizing how Cam Ward has to steal some games for the team. Boomer didn’t think you could put that on Cam Ward. I agree. Actually, I screamed at my radio, “HE ALREADY HAS!” Wardo is not in perfect form but he is not to blame for this streak and he can’t be expected to fix it alone. (See shot totals above. ‘Nuff said.)
  • Another quote came from the disappointed and discouraged captain Eric Staal. He was asked if maybe the sense of urgency is not being felt by everyone on the team and said “We had four shots in the first period and I don’t know how many in the second, not very many either so clearly were not doing something.” You can read that quote, and it’s pretty powerful, but if you heard the tone in the skipper’s voice as he answered you would know he was not ok with that. The unspoken words were “And that’s ridiculous.” And no. That wasn’t a typo. I said four shots.
  • Staal came up with more than one good sound bite last night. Here’s another quotable moment; “We didn’t show up. We didn’t play and we got what we deserved.” I don’t really think you need any translation for that one.
  • Paul Maurice was asked about the line mixing seen in the third period. “We’ve been mixing the lines for two weeks.” That comment made a lot of Caniacs cringe as the constant line shuffling has been frustrating fans, especially those wanting to see some of the young talent get a shot.
  • One of the victims of the line shuffling has been young Zac Dalpe. Last night, comments were made that he had a sprained knee at the beginning of the season and that is why he was on the fourth line. I am not the only Caniac that didn’t put a lot of stock into that story. Maybe it is true. Maybe it isn’t. All I know is I really like Zac Dalpe and want him to have a legitimate shot to make it on the squad. In other news, the Canes sent Dalpe back to Charlotte this morning.
  • NHL Overtime on Versus/NBC Sports featured lots of talk about the Canes last night. Normally I would be excited about this. Instead Jeremy Roenick diagrammed on the telestrator how Patrick Dwyer made a great defensive play only to have Brandon Sutter hesitate to get in position and a goal was scored on the Canes. Then Mike Keenan discussed the struggles of Cam Ward. Bill Patrick, Roenick and Keenan all discussed the future of Paul Maurice with Roenick jokingly pointing at Keenan as a possible replacement. I have no desire to ever see “Iron Mike” Keenan behind a Carolina bench.
  • This game was like dumping the contents of the Great Salt Lake on a wound for me as we matched up with former Hurricane Erik Cole last night. Players like Tim Gleason said it was just the way of the game. Well Timmy, I am glad it doesn’t bother you (and I don’t think Mr. Cole was too worked up about it) but it was awful for this fan! I can’t help it. I have been following this man’s career for ten years. He is my favorite player and seeing him in a Habs sweater took a piece of my soul. I spent the evening singing this song in my head. Unfortunately I am still singing it now. I am sharing my ear worm of misery with you dear readers. You’re welcome.

Next on deck for the Canes, the Buffalo Sabres come to town. Oh joy! We love the Sabres down in these parts! I will be there yelling my lungs out again. I am not giving up on my guys, but I am going to need a little help and encouragement from them that I have something to yell for.

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