NHL Tagline Truths and Farces


The Carolina Hurricanes have a simple, but well defined slogan this season: Pride, Passion, Community. Caniacs felt that pride after Tuesday’s night contest in Boston. As Zdeno Chara and his team were blinded by red, and completely lost sight of any reasonable amount of sportsmanship. Meanwhile, the Canes illuminated passion for the game by demonstrating restraint and astuteness. (That is my completely unbiased opinion.)

The 2011-12 Bruins’ tagline appears to be, “The Stanley Cup Champions.” No surprise a team would ride that campaign train as long as possible. However, their on-ice behavior Tuesday was more than shy of portraying a respectable group of victors.

So, how do other teams around the NHL measure up to their new season mottos?

The Ottawa Senators slogan this year is “Hockey Makes Us…” The unique tagline allows fans to fill in the blank in honor of the team’s 20th year anniversary.  It essentially gives fans the opportunity to create their own catchphrase based on each individual’s perception and experience over the last 20 years. Jared Crozier, editor of SenShot, personalized his statement, “Hockey Makes Us…Come Together.”  He feels the Senators are a source of pride in the community as the only major pro sports franchise right now.  It (and hockey in general) is a rallying point for all Sens fans, and actually transcends sports.

Phoenix Coyotes boast the motto, “Hockey the Hard Way.” It refers to the attempt to grow hockey in the desert and is quite possibly one of the most accurate statements as the Coyotes fight for media attention, fan support, and threats of relocation.

“We See Red,” is the Panthers slogan for 2011-2012 season. Frank Rekas, editor of The Rat Trick, explains, “The Florida Panthers are going back to their original red home sweaters this season as the complete change of the team has begun.  Everywhere you look in the arena has a red theme to it. Fans have been asked to join the REDvolution in support of the new slogan, where they can interact with other passionate fans and display their support for the Panthers.”

The Avalanche slogan for this season is, “Worn With Pride.” It is a continuation of last year’s, “It’s all about the A.” Mile High Sticking explains, “With the team’s success revolving around so many young players and the recent retired legends Sakic and Forsberg the young players are often heard speaking about the honor of wearing the Avs sweater. Plus a few of the current Avs grew up Avalanche fans.”

The Blackhawks slogan since 2008 has been, “One Goal.” The tagline is appears past its prime according to John Schultz of Blackhawk Up,” The ‘one goal’ was met in 2010 with their first Stanley Cup championship in 49 years. Now that the Hawks will be chasing a second Cup in recent years, they could probably play off of Chicago’s moniker as the ‘The Second City’ to come up with a more fitting tagline.”

“Cup or Bust,” decorates the Washington Capitals PR materials this season. There are many other fans in the Eastern Conference that would tease a bust is the more likely scenario, but Capitals Outsider writer, Ben Sumner, clarifies, “Eventually, high expectations need to yield high results.

Sabre Noise editor, Tim Redinger, explains the continution of Buffalo’s personification of, “Hockey Heaven.” “The organization has embraced Hockey Heaven as the teams motto, because they don’t just want to win hockey games, they want players to think of Buffalo as not just another city in the NHL framework, but a destination that free agents will want to talk to first, players with no movement, no trade clauses will waive those amendments for. Personally, I kind of liked the metaphor that related the Buffalo Sabres this offseason to a teenager with their first credit card.  It seemed like there was no stopping the team from spending whatever they felt like on players, and embarassing the league with the way they put numbers together for contracts.  Just ask the New York Rangers how easy it is to buy a Stanley Cup.  You can’t do it by just spending money.  Detroit didn’t develop HockeyTown by spending all the money they could, they did it by drafting properly, spending properly, and caring for the players that they drafted and brought on board.  So far it seems that Hockey Heaven is coming to fruition.  We will see if it pays off in June.”

Myles Robinson, of Editor in Leaf, jokes Toronto’s jingle should be “Phil Kessel decided to actually try this year so look out.” Rather the theme is, “The passion that unites us all.” Given the massive and loyal fan base, the motto is precise and truthful.

“Dedication,” is the brief catchphrase for the Anaheim Ducks this year. Ducks Daily Blog passionately explains, “The Ducks are dedicated to their fans and to the game each and every season. They bring their all every year and have a ton of heart.”

It is clear to see some mottos are more hopeful than accurate. On a personal note, I would like to give my kudos to the Canes’ PR Department. “Pride, Passion, Community,” completely embodies the Carolina Hurricanes players, organization, and fans. Let’s Go Canes!

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