Top 10 “Forslundisms”


Ah, Johnny sideburns…One of the best play-by-play announcers in the biz. Caniacs are extremely lucky to have him as well as the hall-of-fame radio voice of Chuck Kaiton calling the games for the Carolina Hurricanes. Tripp Tracy’s pretty good, too. He brings inside knowledge of the game since, you know, he played the position of goalie and everything. Today, though, we focus on John Forslund and his “Forslundisms.”  In order to figure out the top 10 Forslundisms, I went to Twitter to see what people said. Below are just a few of their favorites. If you watch even one Hurricanes game, I can promise you that you’ll hear a good chunk of these.

1. “Hey, hey wuddya say…!!!”

2. “Cam Ward says NO!”

3. “…and Carolina is off and running!”

4. “…starts his engine…” This was usually reserved for Erik Cole when he did his patented “Hey, I’m going to move the puck by you and try to skate by you, too” move…I wonder if there’s a French-Canadian version of that move?

5. Pretty much anytime he does a ChuckandtheletterK impersonation (i.e. “Hello there, sugar!”)

6. “Kicked out with a purpose…”

7. “That’s hockey baby!”

8. Anytime he makes fun of Tripp Tracy

9. “What a save! None better!”

10. “The crowd wants a call; none provided” or “I guess that’s legal…” (aka “Damn, why wasn’t there a call there?!)

Bonus: “We may be looking back on this one as a watershed moment” … oh wait, that’s a Tracyism. That top 10 will come soon, too. Good lord, there are probably at least 30 of those.

Finally, some old school Johnny from 4/13/1997 and the last home game of the Hartford Whalers

What are some of your favorites? Discuss in comments below…