Throwdown Thursday: Fan versus Foe


Throwdown Thursdays have showcased many on ice scrums, however, there is no denying fights also occur off the ice. Fans are passionate about supporting their teams through every high and low. The poor Cleveland Browns  have yet to win a Super Bowl, but Cleveland supporters fill their stadium game after game, season after season without fail.

When emotions run high, so do tempers. Like most Caniacs, my blood pressure escalates when challenged by a Buffalo Sabres fan. I took a wager with Sabres FanSided editor last season and unfortunately lost. I had to sport a “I love Sabres” shirt in downtown Raleigh after a particularly frustrating loss. Although, it didn’t detour me from accepting another bet with Tim Redinger of Sabre Noise. After this season-long wager, he will be wearing a mini-skirt with the small, very feminine shirt I had to sport last season. Pictures will be posted. If I lose, I have to go redneck-style into a fancy restaurant. I’m talking overalls and blacked out teeth y’all.

I asked Tim to go head-to-head with me in a Carolina Hurricanes discussion. Five questions from my usual Size’Em Up Sunday posts were given and here’s how we threw down…

Sum up the Hurricanes’ last season in one word.

Tim: Perfect. Canes didn’t make the playoffs, so it was perfect.

KP: Valiant. Yes, Canes failed to make the playoffs. However, I remember the thrill of those last few key wins. Carolina won 9 of their final 13 contests, including wins over Buffalo, Washington, Tampa Bay, Montreal, and a shutout against the #1 seed in the West, the Detroit Red Wings.

What Carolina players should be feared this season?

Tim: I don’t know. I don’t pay attention to rednecks. {insert KP tongue lashing not suitable for this blog} If Skinnercontinues to get support, he will be a force to be reckoned with. He should drink some black coffee to grow some chest hair though.

KP: Don’t be jealous of my boyfriend’s chest Tim, it is unbecoming of you. I cannot believe I’m going to say this, but I agree with you. Jeff Skinner should be feared on the ice. Whether he plays with Ruutu or Staal this season, our Rookie of the Year will have another 60+ point season. I cannot ignore Cam Ward here. You might as well put a lightsaber in his mitts instead of a stick, because he has mad Jedi skills.

What will be the Hurricanes’ strengths in 2011-12?

Tim: Offense will be your strength. Brian Boucher backing up Ward should be a plus.

KP: Goaltending is definitely a strength. Dang, I hate agreeing with you. I also expect (pray, hope) big seasons from the Finns and captains.

What will be their weaknesses?

Tim: Canes are still not there yet. You are still a few pieces short of being a contender.

KP: And you are a few bricks short of a load Tim. Anyway, I have blue line concerns. I hesitate to get excited about new defenseman Tomas Kaberle. We need a model season from McBain, Gleason, and Harrison.

Where do you predict Carolina to sit come April?

Tim: They will be in 9th again. There is way too much talent at the top of the East. It’ll come down to the last few games again for the Canes and they will fall short again.

KP: I think Tim Brent and Anthony Stewart are going to work well with our team. We have crazy talent developing with the Charlotte Checkers. Combine that with solid performances from our key players and we make the playoffs. I won’t predict the number because I will just jinx it. I will say it will be close, but we will make the top eight.

Can there ever be love between a Sabres and Canes fans? No, probably not, but rivalries make sports all that more enjoyable.

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