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Canes Quantify Nepotism

Well, that sure wasn’t pretty! For the first time that I can remember, Rutherford got chewed up and spit out like Evander Holyfield’s ear. Maybe there was a reason Shero waited until 4:20 on Friday to make the call that sealed the deal. I’m not insinuating  that JR was smokin’ the tweeds, but it sure would explain the whoopin’ he took. I’ve never really minded the nepotism until now. Before, it was almost a lark, you know?  “Sure! Go ahead! It’s only a  7th round pick!” or “Oh! You hid Brett in Ian White’s carry on? Sweet! We’ll take him.” Overall, pretty harmless acquisitions that more or less worked out in the organization’s favor, if only on the AHL level. But this one is a pretty tough pill to swallow. What is the end game here? At what point do we consider our stable of young sod farmers complete?

Now, after all of the smoke has cleared (Take it outside Jimmy), let’s look at what we lost in this deal:

  • What would have surely been either Forsberg or Teravainen (both were projected to make an immediate impact to whatever team drafted them. Don’t forget, Skinner was 7th overall)
  • Sutter, I don’t think I need to expound.
  • A top tier defensive prospect in Dumoulin (28 Points  in 44 games, second in the NCAA in plus/minus (+27) won the NCAA Championship with BC the last 2 years) who had just signed an entry level contract to push for a roster spot in Charlotte. And you could bet that if either Allen or Joni left, he probably would have gotten a good hard look for the big show in camp.
  • About $4MM in cap space, once it’s all said and done.
What did we gain? A 6’4″ 220 lbs hoss that’s a minute muncher, which is a long overdue addition. J. Staal (yea, we have to distinguish now, that sucks) is an automatic upgrade to both the PP and PK. He’s even an upgrade over Sutter at the position, in my opinion. The one knock on him, and it’s a pretty big one, is injuries. In the past two years he’s missed 60 games. But, I feel it’s more pertinent to look at what we didn’t get for that price:
  • Not an all star winger to play the part of Binky for E. Staal
  • Not the depth that we are sorely lacking on offense
  • Not a crease clearing defenseman, who we’ll need when Allen walks
On it’s own, it’s a bit of a head scratcher. Considering what we gave up, this trade is a lateral move at best. Now, before I get more any hate mail (Looking at you here, Mom), I do think J. Staal is a great addition, but only if Management decides to infuse this roster with more talent than is currently in Raleigh. There is some talk of putting the Brothers Staal together on the same line, but at this point we’re too thin at center, so this is probably the most logical line combos:
Jokinen – E. Staal – Tlusty
Skinner – J. Staal – Ruutu
Has the price of this signing sunk in now? Was that worth it, just to double our Staal ratio? This roster looks worse than last year! With that being said, I doubt that this heralds the last of the off season acquisitions. Otherwise, it would have been futile to sign J. Staal in the first place, but recent history has shown a hesitance towards spending anywhere near the cap, so cross your fingers and pray for some more additions Caniac Nation. Also, on a side note, Is anyone else tired of the Front Office pandering to the fan base? This is the exact opposite reasoning used last season to sell us on why we should be excited to see Ponikarovsky and Stewart come in to take over for Eric Cole. I’m an adult! Please! You can’t buy me a hot dog, man!

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  • Esbee92

    Joslin - Brent – Stewart is not logical. Why would they keep Joslin at Forward? He filled in due to injuries at the end of the season when we ran out of bodies. He isn’t being groomed to be a forward long term.
    Thin at center? Jokinen, Ruutu or Skinner are perfectly capable of centering the 2nd line.
    You have Joslin staying at forward and no Patrick Dwyer, one of our biggest energy players, anywhere on your lines.
    I don’t think they are done yet with getting a winger. I don’t know what is going to happen but this is not the team that is going to be in place. Also Spacek and Allen may both be gone. This roster is not done.
    Before the injuries you mentioned, Jordan Staal played 4 seasons and never missed a regular-season game. His foot got messed up when PK Subban’s skate ended up on top of it and it got infected after surgery. He got hit knee-on-knee by Mike Rupp, and he got hit in the face with a puck. Those aren’t exactly things that make a person injury prone like someone prone to concussions or someone with chronic groin problems. 
    “This is the exact opposite reasoning used last season to sell us on why we should be excited to see Ponikarovsky and Stewart come in to take over for Eric Cole. ”
    Last year’s signings that you mentioned went over like a lead balloon. The fans don’t WANT to hear the same reasoning as last year. The fans are looking for something to change and are getting restless. This isn’t Toronto. You aren’t going to sell out all your games no matter what kind of product you put on the ice. If you don’t do something to start turning this thing around the fans may not stick around.
    Adding Jordan Staal is not pandering to the fan base. If it is then why is most of the fan base I have heard from furious about the trade? The fan base is getting restless that the club is not willing to do anything big.  I am not happy about losing Brandon Sutter in any way shape or form. But Jordan Staal is a former Selke nominee not just Eric’s brother. And as to your collection of sod farmers comments, would you really hate Marc Staal on your team? A top defenseman in the league who just played (and scored mind you) in the Stanley Cup Playoffs? You’d turn that down huh? They have the goods to back up the Staal name. If the name was all we cared about why is Jared in Charlotte/Florida? Why don’t we just call him up here and stick him in the lineup?
    If we’re only going with nepotism do we have Jarkko Ruutu on the horn to beg him to leave Jokerit and come here? How about bringing back Paul Maurice again? We just traded a Sutter which you claimed nepotism on Brett’s presence in the club. So how does that theory hold water now?
    Having two Staal brothers on the team brings attention to the team. That is a positive thing. It puts butts in the seats and attention on the market. It makes it attractive to other players to think that both of them play here. And since you showed the lineups as “visual representation of the suck…” I would like to think you would want the team to improve. I think the club is trying to take a new direction with Coach Kirk and this signing. I am waiting to see what comes next. 
    And it’s “Erik” not “Eric” Cole.

  • CricketFox

    Thanks for reading!
    I agree Joslin’s not a logical fit at forward. Hence the need to sign more forwards. He’s listed as such on our current line up. As I have no crystal ball to know who is going to be signed in the off season. I go with what we have. Valid point though!
    “Thin at center”, I addressed this in my last article. We have lots of players that can play in multiple positions. If I listed each line with every possible combination of players, it would take longer than my paying job is willing to allow. However, I would like to see other possible combos with our available players. List some!
    Dwyer is an interesting point. I got ready to list him as an option, but he really doesn’t effect the argument for a deeper line up. His career stats are about as awful as Stewart’s, so even if I had put him in as a logical winger on one of the lines, it wouldn’t have effected the argument.
    I agree the roster isn’t complete. Good call.
    I guess you misunderstood my “Pandering” point. I never meant that signing J Staal was pandering. I said that the sigings of Stewart and Poni last season was pandering. But yes, I would turn Marc Staal down.
    Nepotism, This was more satire than anything (which is a prevalent theme in my articles). You’re reading too much into it. But don’t tempt JR. He WILL bring Mo back.
    Eric v Erik – Yea, good catch. Make sure you keep pointing it out, because odds are, I’ll keep doing it!

    • Esbee92

       @CricketFox I just ignore the current depth chart in terms of Joslin etc. because that is where it was at the end of the season. I kind of throw that out the window and start with a fresh slate in terms of what this year will look like. To me that is a point in time roster with extenuating circumstances. So in my mind I just sort of look at the whole roster and then think about the line combos that could be done. Who knows how it will sort out. Anxious to see what happens when Coach is able to run camp from the beginning instead of basically having to do a mini-camp mid-season when he was hired. I will be attending what I can and watching workouts at Camp Brind’Amour.
      Line combos…I honestly am not sure on what I think we will see in the top 2 and what I would like to see. It’s an odd situation. I am not 100% on the Jiri Tlusty train either. I am a huge fan of Finns and Skinns and think that line works with incredible chemistry. I would love to see it stay in place although that might not be possible. I don’t like Staal 1.0 and Skinner on the same line. I like them split up. I personally love Jordan Staal but this is not necessarily the move I would have made if I was the organization so it throws a monkey wrench in any combos I would have thought of. I am trying to see all the positives that can be brought with 2.0. He is one of my favorite players. I personally wanted to see Bobby Ryan as our winger (Way before a hint of “Bobby Ryan is available” rumors ever hit the presses earlier in the season) I don’t know if they want to move Eric to winger. A lot of people favor that. I prefer him at center so it complicates things.
      No idea how this Welsh kid will fit in. Don’t know enough about him to know yet. I personally would like to see Rosey and Dwyer on a line together as wings. The last two lines are sort of a toss-up for me. I would prefer Anthony Stewart not being on my list of people to choose from and was very disappointed that the “free to a good home” didn’t bring any takers. I think Dwyer-Brent-LaRose is a great energy line except Patty and Rosey are both right wings. I am personally a big fan of Patty Dwyer and what he brings to the lineup. I don’t think everything he does for the team can be measured with stats. I don’t compare him to Stewart in any way. He hustles and never takes a shift off. The work ethic no matter what the stats say is night and day to me.
      No clue on the 3rd line and we still have a huge Erik Cole shaped hole in the lineup. And I know a lot of people hate “recycling” but I would love to have Matt Cullen back in the lineup and he would be a great 3rd line center.
      Thanks for responding. Sorry if my comment seemed short. I was having a bad day! And the Erik Cole thing…he’s my favorite player of all time so I am always gonna bust ya on that one!

      • CricketFox

         @Esbee92 Come at me Bro!!! JK!  I try not to read people’s emotions on posts. It’s really easy to take things the wrong way so I always just take them at face value. I’m also a personal believer in openly hearing other opinions/view on my thoughts or interests (as long as it’s civil). I think it’s the best way to learn about things. It actually looks like we agree on about 85% of things (which is 85% more than the things my wife and I agree on).