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Fishing with Justin Pogge

Movember 2010 (Photo: Wendy Bullard)

Ok, so I really didn’t go fishing with the former Checkers’ goalie. However, Mr.Pogge did call me for a little interview while fishing with his buddies. The guy has a great sense of humor and we had an entertaining chat.

Pogge recently signed a one-year contract on July 27, 2011 with the Phoenix Coyotes. The 6’3” netminder was originally drafted by Toronto in 2004 (3rd round, 90th overall) and was signed to a three-year entry level contract. He made his NHL debut against Atlanta on December 21, 2008. Pogge wasthe victorious goalie in the contest, winning 6-2.

On August 10, 2009, Pogge was traded to the Anaheim Ducks and played a quick stint in San Antonio before he was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes on March 3, 2010. During the 2010-11 season, Mr. Justin posted a .907 SV% in 48 games and a 22-18-1-4 record for the Checkers.

The 25 year old also participated in the 2006 World Junior Championships and helped Canada reach the gold medal by claiming a 5-0 shutout against Russia. He would finish the tournament with a total of 3 shutouts and a 1.00 GAA.

Now you are up to par on your Pogge intel…let’s go fish’in…

Kristina Kelly: Are you participating in Movember?

Justin Pogge: I am. I do have a ‘stache growin.

KP: What type of ‘stache are you going for?

JP: Trying to go for a Doc Holiday kind of thing, but I have red hair, so it’s not really going to fit.

KP: You don’t have red, red hair do you? (Perhaps I was distracted by Ginger Nash, but I do not recall Pogge as a redhead.)

JP: My face is red, that’s the only thing. (Smart ass.)

KP: How is Portland treating you?

Pogge in Charlotte (Photo: Wendy Bullard)

JP: Portland is pretty good. Lots of music, lots to do, good hockey town. It’s good, I can’t complain. I live just outside of Portland, and we are right by the ocean.

KP: What’s your favorite type of music?

JP: I like everything. I don’t know, I love country, old rock, little bit ofeverything.

KP: I’m a big fan of hockey masks, who does yours?

JP: Blake at Cross-Eyed Airbrushing in Calgary, Alberta.

KP: Have you always worked with him?

JP: Yeah, I have since juniors. He’s done a lot of my masks. He does a really good job. I have another one coming here soon, a pirate themed one.

KP: Cool. I couldn’t find any close ups of your current mask. What do you have now?

JP: Kind of an old bomber, like World War II  pinup bomber lady by a plane.

KP: Nice, I like it. Send me some pictures.

JP: Will do. Did you like my Charlotte one? (Hey, I ask the questions around here.)

KP: Yes, had the cars on the side, right? I liked it.


Pogge makes a stop and ends victorious over Manchester on 10/19/11 (Photo: John Ewing via Portland Press Herald)

Confession time…

KP: I started watching the Checkers late in the season, probably a month or so before playoffs. I also live in Raleigh, so I didn’t get to see as many games as I would have liked to. So I didn’t get to see you play a ton.

JP: Ah, I see.

KP: Yeah, bummer. I was turned on to you guys a little too late apparently, sorry.

JP: I guess so. I’m already gone.

KP: (guilty laughter) Did you like Charlotte?

JP: I loved it. Yeah, big fan of Charlotte. I love that city.

KP: Has it been your favorite city to live in?

JP: I don’t know, I lived in Toronto so…

KP: Yeah, well you were there for a while too, right?

JP: Yeah, I was there for three years.

KP: You can’t beat the weather in Charlotte though.

JP: No, not at all.

KP: Although, you played in San Antonio too. Which city has the better weather?

JP: Ya know what, Charlotte was pretty mild. It was good. Pretty much the same all year round. It got cold for a little bit, but not too cold at all.

(We take a pause so JP can administer some fishing advice to his buddies.)

KP: You told me you haven’t gone fishing in like 5 years, so I’m not sure if you are qualified to dish out advice.

JP: I’m a quick learner.

KP: Are you doing catch and release?

Too cute. (Photo: Wendy Bullard)

JP: Obviously, I don’t know what to do with a fish.

KP: So, we can establish you are not a Wild Borer, outdoorsmen type?

JP:  I get out there. I just don’t fish.

KP: You just don’t clean the fish.

JP: I’ve never done it before. You gotta catch a fish before you can clean one. I’ve never caught a fish.

KP: That does pose a problem.

JP: So I need to catch a fish first, then maybe I’ll be an outdoorsman…beclassified. (Sarcastic, smart ass.)

KP: Can you make a fire like that man versus wild show, like make a fire from a spark off your fingernail or something?

JP: Oh yeah, I can hang in the woods.

KP: Alright, back to hockey. What is one of your most memorable games?

JP: My first NHL game. It was in Atlanta right before Christmas, so a good Christmas present.

KP: I bet. Portland versus Charlotte. Who has the better arena?

JP: Charlotte is nicer, but Portland has a good atmosphere.


JP: Charlotte fans are good. They do like to have fun there. Charlotte was a good organization.

KP: Yes, they do great things with the community. The Bug story especially.

JP: Yeah, I was proud to be a part of that. (I was pleased to learn Justin still speaks with Zach on occassion.)

KP: So Portland is struggling a bit this season, or just a slow start?

JP: Just a slow start, we aren’t struggling. We just figuring stuff out, we’re still learning.

KP: So what do you guys need to learn?

JP: It’s a long season. Sometimes you dip low, sometimes you go high. It’s only up from here.

KP: I’m very happy for you.

JP: Thank you.


Er…ok, most random interview ever. I adored it.

Thank you Justin Pogge for a fun interview despite my schizophrenic questions. I wish you a blessed season full laughs and success. You should follow the talented goalie on Twitter at @pdiggler (and yes, I confirmed it’s from Boogie Nights). Although, do not expect daily tweets from the jolly crease giant as I requested. He likes to keep you wanting more…


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  • Esbee92

    I read this quickly earlier but missed the confirmation until I had a chance to go back and read again. I believe this is now one of my favorite quotes; “You gotta catch a fish before you can clean one.”

  • Esbee92

    I read this quickly earlier but missed the confirmation until I had a chance to go back and read again. I believe this is now one of my favorite quotes; “You gotta catch a fish before you can clean one.”

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