Carolina Hurricanes: Cheers to You, Cam Ward!

On Wednesday August 28th, the Carolina Hurricanes announced Cam Ward signed a one day contract to retire as a Hurricane. This marks the end of an era in Raleigh, and the beginning of a new one as the Carolina Hurricanes previous franchise goalie hangs up the skates.

Several years ago, maybe 2010, I was checking my voicemails after work. One of my messages was that I was selected to have my season tickets hand delivered by a Carolina Hurricanes player. I was nervous and excited. The player to deliver my ticket was unknown, therefore I wore just a Carolina Hurricanes shirt. I cleaned my house in the off chance, extremely off chance, I could invite the player inside for some refreshments. Delivering tickets to fans is exhausting!

The build up to the day seemed to take forever. I paced around my living room, and thought about what intriguing topic I would talk about. All of a sudden, there was a knock at my door. Mittens, my dog, ran to the window to bark and investigate. I opened the door, and there stood Cam Ward holding my tickets. Mittens of course wanted to be part of the action, so she came outside as I shook Cam Ward’s hand. He graciously signed the package as he thanked me for my support of the team. Most importantly, Cam showed his appreciation to Mittens by petting her.

In the years I have followed the Carolina Hurricanes, any interaction I had with Cam Ward has been genuine. He never came off as standoffish. Ward had a way of speaking that made our interactions special. I admired Ward for not only his play on the ice, but the nature of his spirit.

Cam Ward also contributed to gaining a friendship and a strong bond with one of my boyfriend’s daughters. We all became close from going on adventures to Carolina Hurricanes games. Betsy, his eldest daughter, would always want to borrow my Cam Ward jersey. We got a puck at a practice one day. Betsy wanted Cam Ward to sign the puck. I was eventually even able to get her a game used, signed, Cam Ward stick.

The memories Cam Ward has bestowed on me will always have a special place in my heart. I pour myself a glass of wine to salute you! I hope your next adventure will be as memorable for you as it has been for me. And don’t forget to Have Fun!

Question for CC Readers: How do you feel about Cam Ward retiring as a Hurricane?