Carolina Hurricanes Stories: Bringing The Links Together

The Carolina Hurricanes finished their California road trip 1-1-1 to keep things .500.

This week for the Carolina Hurricanes was one of great highs, great lows, and I don’t even know how to feel about the San Jose game yet but those stinking…[Editors note: We had to remove a paragraph of threats against the referees Ron Hainsey style.  It’s fine he won’t ever notice because he refuses to read anything that isn’t on actual paper]…and that’s why I’m going to Katmandu!  Bob Seger aside, the Hurricanes finally return home to start the week for another extended homestay with 6 of the

next 9 in Raleigh.

The Hurricanes currently have played the most games on the road in the entire NHL.  The rest of December and a lot of January contains long stretches at home so maybe they can finally pull themselves back into the playoff picture with the favorable schedule.  At the PNC arena, the Hurricanes also seek to keep the six game home winning streak alive as well.  That’s enough schedule talk let’s move on to the links.

The East Side Stories

Bleacher Report wrote an article about the top ten penalty killers in the NHL.  Surprisingly, they  listed Jaccob Slavin at number two.  They also listed Brandon Sutter and Cal Clutterbuck so I’m not sure if they actually know what good penalty killers look like.  Still, it is nice to see Slavin get some national press.

The guys over at Section 328 wrote a piece about the Carolina Hurricanes prospects.  This article mainly covers the guys playing in the WJHC camp.  The future looks bright for the Hurricanes farm system as there are three players being considered for Canada’s WJHC team.

Here’s a preview from Jewels From the Crown of the game against the Kings.  They do a really good preview of Carolina, and it is always nice to get an outside view on the team.  Luckily for the Canes things didn’t turn on quite the way they wanted, and Carolina ends up defeating the Kings 3-1.

The News and Observer wrote an off the ice piece about Jaccob Slavin.  Whether you are a religious person or not, it still is a very interesting look at one of the best players for the Hurricanes.  Given Slavin’s immense talent, he will be a part of the Hurricanes team for a long time so might as well get to know him.

Coming up this week

In the next four games at home, the Hurricanes only play one playoff team.  Taking six of the possible eight points will be huge if Carolina wants to stay in the playoff hunt.  Given their record at home recently doing so shouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.



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