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NHL Trade Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs may Have interest in Canes’ Captain Eric Staal

The Stanley Cup Final is underway, but the Carolina Hurricanes’ offseason has been well under way for a while now. Jim Rutherford rumors have leaked out, and now the Canes’ captain may be on the move too.

Darren Dreger mentioned Eric Staal‘s name a couple days ago when he was talking about potential trade targets for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Later, Ray Ferraro of TSN proposed a possible package trade for Eric Staal, including Tyler Bozak or Nazem Kadri, a young roster player, and a top end prospect.

We can speculate on who that “young roster player” and “top end prospect” could be, but players like Jake Gardiner, Morgan Rielly, and possibly Carter Ashton all fall in the young roster player category. Meanwhile, Frederick Gauthier is probably the only Leafs prospect that could be considered “top end”. Josh Leivo is another player that could be put into either of those categories, but I wouldn’t consider him a top end prospect by any means.

The Toronto Maple Leafs do hold the eighth pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft. That is one pick after the Canes at seven.

Outside of the possibility of bringing in Bozak or Kadri, there isn’t much to like with that trade possibility. I doubt that the Toronto Maple Leafs would give up Morgan Rielly for anything at this point, and Jake Gardiner may also be a long shot. That leaves players like Josh Leivo and Carter Ashton who are fringe NHLers, and they aren’t enough return for Eric Staal, in my opinion.

The eighth pick in the draft would make a trade possibility pretty enticing. The Carolina Hurricanes could potentially use the seventh and eighth pick on a forward and a defenseman in Nick Ritchie and Haydn Fleury. Acquiring the eighth pick would also make it easier to move the seventh pick for immediate help.

Whether a block buster Eric Staal trade happens or not, it will still be a very interesting next few months as we enter the NHL offseason.


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  • Pridenpoise

    You would be surprised what the leafs would give up for Staal, there is no team in the League that loves giving away their prospects as much as the leafs.

    • Vangrootel

      Which prospects have they given away lately?

      • Pridenpoise

        The fact you had to ask lately proved my point, blow away leafs fan they suck. I’ve got a better question what have they won lately. Ask the B’s how they like their goalie Raask, is that lately enough for you.

        • Vangrootel

          The fact that I asked which prospects they’ve given away proves your point about the Leafs loving to give away their prospects? That’s fantasic logic. Amazing. And the name you give me is Rask? They “gave” away 7 years ago. 7 years. The Leafs are currently under new manangement and new owners, but this team LOVES to give away their prospects. Now I’ll ask again, what prospects do they love to give away? Let’s see how many you can give me since Rask and don’t even try to name Hamilton. We won that trade hands down. Boston knows it too bud.

          • Pridenpoise

            Oh joy the leafs are under NEW management, big deal look at the standings, it would appear they’re doing as well as past management, sorry I don’t follow the leafs and I don’t have their players index for the past 5 years, the fact that they gave away Rask 7 years ago doesn’t bother you proves you’re the idiot, and trust me if someone dangles a carrot in front of them they will bite. You go tell Boston who just one a Cup played in another, and went deep into the playoffs again how your team win the trade, what a loser. I’m sure the Bruins are really impressed with what the leafs have been doing lately. NOT. Now beat it kid, the Leafs blow and so do you, and if the Hurricanes offer up Staal, the Leafs will send over their whole farm team, and then some. Dummy.

          • Vangrootel

            “Not”? What is this? 1993? I know rougly how old you are now because my mom still says that thinking she’s being hip. Good for you old man. So basically what it comes down to is that you made a statement that you can’t back up. So…unless you can, I win. Cheers. Dummy.

          • Pridenpoise

            I did back it up, just because you choose denial over facts, shows your immaturity. You’re another one of these losers that thinks evey year is the leafs year. They suck, you suck. I’m not that old that I’ve ever witnessed them hoist a Stanley cup. Enjoy the new management. P.S I fisted your mother yesterday she’s a dirty pig. And she thinks her sons a queer.

          • Pridenpoise

            Another thing 12 year olds with no knowledge of the history of the shitty team you follow should not be making comments they know nothing about, crawl back under the rock, we will see you next year when the Maple Laughs fire their head coach, you may want to invest in a spell checker as well, last I checked it was spelled roughly not rougly, but maybe you kids are spelling it different these days. Lmao, who’s the dummy.

  • c0zzy

    Crazy…..Staal is good but nowhere near a superstar and not worthy of a blockbuster deal. I think Kadri, Lievo and a third round pick is adequate. Staal is good but will not fill the hole left by moving more than two of the players mentioned in this article.

  • Cyndie Stevens

    Will they have to take Jordan too?