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Carolina Hurricanes Report: Do The Canes Need A Guy Like Milan Lucic?

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By this point, most people have heard about what Milan Lucic allegedly said to Dale Weise in the handshake line following the end of Boston and Montreal’s seven game second round series.

Most people, including me, will think that a player should never go so far as to say “I will (Bleep) kill you next year” to another player in a setting that is supposed to be respectful. That kind of behavior is not necessary, but at the same time, his emotions were running very high fresh off of losing a seven game series to bitter rivals.

That being said, the Carolina Hurricanes need that kind of toughness on their team. When I say that kind of toughness, I’m not saying that they need a guy threatening to end the lives of other players, but the Carolina Hurricanes need a player that will go beyond the limit sometimes.

Sometimes teams need a player that will go the extra mile to intimidate and instill fear into their opponent. That is the kind of player the Carolina Hurricanes haven’t had in a very long time, and they need a player like that.

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  • Pridenpoise

    They need a player that loses his cool in big situations, is easily distracted and a goon. They must be desperate.

  • thestormchaser

    There is no way Ron Francis brings in a goon like Lucic, thank goodness!

    • MooseJaw

      Lucic isn’t a goon. He had more points(59) than every player on the Hurricanes expect Eric Staal(61). He also only had 17 more penalty minutes than Eric Staal. He’s a multi dimensional player. He scores (a lot), fight’s when needed, and offers a very intimidating presence.

      Francis would likely sell his soul to get a player like that on his bench.

      • thestormchaser

        Obviously you didn’t see the cheap shot to the groin from behind that Lucic put on the Wings d-man DeKeyser during the playoffs. Lucic is a cheap shot artist and there is no way RF would bring him on board. Sure Lucic may have great hockey skills but he is still a goon!

        • MooseJaw

          I guess it’s a matter of how you define “goon”. I don’t know too many goon’s making 6 million per year, having multiple 60 point seasons, and totaling only 91 penalty minutes.

          If you want to see my definition of goon look no further than John Scott. 56 Games played this season, 125 penalty minutes. $750,000 which is the NHL’s minimum wage.

          I wonder do you consider Shea Webber a goon as well? The second highest paid player (or first depending on how you look at it). Here’s one of his cheap shots:

          In my opinion, Lucic is easy to hate but he’s a very talented player and players like him and Shea Webber play a very intimidating and aggressive style. You can’t seriously put them in the same category with a guy like Scott.