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Dan Bylsma Should Be A Top Head Coach Candidate For The Carolina Hurricanes


Dan Bylsma, head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins, has experienced a lot of success in the NHL. Among his many accomplishments, he led the Pens to a Stanley Cup Championship in 2009, won a Jack Adams trophy in 2011, and was the head coach of the USA Men’s Hockey Olympic team that placed 4th in 2014.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have been eliminated in the first two rounds of the playoffs once again, which will likely lead to the Pens front office relieving Dan Bylsma of his duties as head coach. If the Pittsburgh Penguins do make the big move, the Carolina Hurricanes should be in play for Bylsma.

Dan Bylsma knows how to deal with star players. He has successfully coached players like Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang to their full potential over the past few seasons. He has also coached players like James Neal, Matt Niskanen, Pascal Dupuis and Chris Kunitz to new levels that many people did not expect.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have reached 100+ point seasons in each of Bylsma’s seasons as head coach where the Pens played 82 games in a season. The two season he did not was 2009 and 2013.

Dan Bylsma took over the Pens with 25 games left in the regular season in 2009 and led them to a 18-3-4 record in the final 25 games of the regular season and a Stanley Cup. The 2013 was shortened to 48 games due to the lockout. He led the Pens to 36-12-0 record and the Eastern Conference regular season title.

If Dan Bylsma is fired in Pittsburgh, the Carolina Hurricanes should go after him. If fired, he will be the biggest name on the market for head coaches.

Should the Carolina Hurricanes hire Dan Bylsma?

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  • dwinn

    Pens are my team, but live here in Raleigh and support the Canes…I think it would be an error to pick up Disco Dan…despite this post, he coddles fringe players but doesn’t give his stars the true support they need.
    Watch the Pens playoff performances. No grit, no attitude, NO strength in the blue ice. This would be a bad move.

  • Carl Paradis

    I am on the opposite boat as dwinn, but completely agree with him that this article is absolutely wrong. Being a Canes fan that lives in Pittsburgh, I have seen enough of Bylsma to think he would absolutely be the wrong choice. He has two main flaws that would leave the Canes in a bad situation. He is known in these parts for never changing his strategy, regardless of the other team’s weaknesses or strategy. This is a huge knock that explains why the Pens have floundered in the playoffs, when playing in a series against the same team. He makes desperation line change moves to put Malkin with Crosby whenever the team is doing poorly, that has never been successful in the playoffs either. His defensive pairings have usually been all over the board, so you can imagine the Pens defensive strategy is just as inconsistent. His quiet demeanor only goes so far, and I don’t think that is what the Canes need. Many believe Bylsma’s success is purely on the heals of Shero drafting several high-end prospects (look at edmonton as a current example), and these phenoms being coached by Michel Therrien. Many believe that Therrien was the main reason they won in 2009. The only person on the Pens coaching staff that I believe the Canes should consider is Tony Granato. He is prime for taking on a head coaching position, and has proven himself at that same level in Colorado. But really, I think Trotz is the best candidate for the Canes right now. He will bring a defensive minded strategy to the Canes, which is what we need right now, and he will have way more offensive talent than he did in Nashville.

    • Mark Dougherty

      Granato was a disaster in Colorado!

      • Carl Paradis

        How was it a disaster? He won the division his first year, second place going into the playoffs his second year and lost in the second round to a solid sharks team, leading to him getting replaced by Quenneville. Quenneville failed in his tenure, and Granato took over a second time but this time he had an abysmal team… Then he was fired again. I don’t see how the total of his career as a young head coach and mid season replacement was a “disaster”.