Dec 10, 2013; Edmonton, Alberta, CAN; Carolina Hurricanes center Eric Staal (12) in action against the Edmonton Oilers in the second period at Rexall Place. Mandatory Credit: Chris Austin-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Staal Needs To Step Up For The Carolina Hurricanes

This year has been a very rough one for everyone involved with the Carolina Hurricanes, Eric Staal included. The star forward and captain of the Carolina Hurricanes has really struggled this year.

Eric Staal has not only been scoring like he should, he has also not been playing like a captain. A captain motivates his team to win, and he, himself, doesn’t even look motivated when he is on the ice.

He honestly just looks lazy when he is on the ice for the Carolina Hurricanes. He is slow, he takes forever to get up, and he just doesn’t look motivated. You’d think pairing him with young, energetic Jeff Skinner would help. It did for a bit, but now he is back to where he was.

Eric Staal did have a serious knee injury over the summer while playing over seas, but everyone is playing with injuries in the NHL. If Eric Staal is physically unable to play well, he should not be playing. He needs to be out resting and getting treatment.

Eric Staal is considered a star around the NHL, but the Carolina Hurricanes really need him to play like it. Throughout his entire career, it’s been said that “the Carolina Hurricanes go as Eric Staal goes”. That’s absolutely on point.

The 29-year-old is a  minus 17 this season. That is completely inexcusable. Even worse, he is a minus 8 in his last three games and a minus 9 in his last five games. That is atrocious.

Eric Staal needs to play like the leader and star he can be. He has the power to turn the Carolina Hurricanes into a playoff team. He just needs to realize that and play with the emotion he has in previous years.

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