Carolina Hurricanes Should Trade Justin Peters Instead of Anton Khudobin

With three goalies on the roster, the Carolina Hurricanes have to make a tough decision that has been staring them in the face for a while now: trading, waiving or holding onto all three goaltenders.

If the Hurricanes choose to waive Justin Peters or Anton Khudobin, either one will get picked up and the Canes will earn no assets in return.

If they hold onto all three, that will cause a problem in practice and in games as one will be scratched for each game and all three will have to take turns in net in practice.

Which just leaves a trade. Earlier, most speculated that Peters would be the trade bait, but a recent rumor from Lyle Richardson says that Khudobin is the one now being shopped. But that isn’t the route the Canes should take, trading Peters is what should be done.

Peters started gaining favor when he rattled off four wins in five games in place of the injured Cam Ward and Khudobin in the middle of November. Since then, he has played relatively strong in net, but still only has six wins this season.

But last season, the 25-year-old showed he can’t handle a back-up role and is much better in a starting role. Peters showed when he came off the bench to start a game after missing over a week of game action. He couldn’t handle the break in between games.

However, I will admit he has looked better when starting a game after missing a few this season.

But this is also something you don’t have to worry about with Khudobin. He’s been a back-up for a longer period of time and is used to the break in between games.

If the Canes do decide to trade one of them, Khudobin would earn more in a trade, but would probably not bring back a top-four defenseman or top-six winger as the team is currently shopping for, so is it worth it to trade Khudobin instead of Peters because of a larger return? I don’t think so.

And since this is an idea that is often proposed, trading Ward is not the right option. The Hurricanes have no goalie that can step in and replace him right now. Daniel Altshuller has shown promise in the OHL, but is two or three years away from a back-up role in the NHL. Trading a cap hit of over $6 million is also difficult to do.

I believe that the Hurricanes should trade Peters because Khudobin is a more stabilizing back-up. What do you think?

Which goalie should the Hurricanes trade?

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  • thestormchaser

    My humble ranking for trading a goalie:
    #1 Ward – Overpaid, seems to be past his prime. Unfortunately, doesn’t seem to have the edge anymore.
    #2 Peters – A couple goods months doesn’t make him golden. I agree with your concerns plus I fear the big rebounds he gives up will soon catch up to him.
    #3 Khudobin – I have not seen him enough make an intelligent comment. He was good for a couple months and his salary is good.

    • Wes Herrmann

      Ward is definitely overpaid, but he does show signs of his still being in his prime. Unfortunately, he’s had some consistency problems this season. Khudobin was great in Boston last season, but the Canes really haven’t been able to see that skill level at all this season with his injury.

  • hubertus

    Rebuild in nets by bringing up Altshuller now so he can get NHL experience and take over as starter when Ward’s contract ends.

    • Wes Herrmann

      Altshuller isn’t signed to an ELC yet, which can obviously be done at any point, but throwing him into the NHL right away is not going to help his confidence. Their best option is to sign him to an ELC and let him be the starter for the Checkers next season.

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