November 15, 2013; Raleigh, NC, USA; Carolina Hurricanes forward Alexander Semin (28) carries the puck against the Anaheim Ducks at PNC Center. The Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Anaheim Ducks 3-2 in a shoot out. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford Talks About Possible Roster Moves

Carolina Hurricanes General Manager Jim Rutherford spoke to local media on Tuesday, and he entertained the idea of some potential moves, including potential trades and moves within the organization. Let’s take a look at some things Jim Rutherford touched on.

Hurricanes In The Market For A Player To Help The Offense?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it looks like the Carolina Hurricanes could be looking for a player to help the offense, according to Jim Rutherford. There has been rumors about the Carolina Hurricanes in talks for forwards and defensemen, but I think a forward is the way to go.

The defense has been absolutely great this year. I don’t think it is worth breaking that chemistry, in order to bring in a puck moving defenseman, especially when the Carolina Hurricanes already have players like Justin Faulk, Andrej Sekera, and Ryan Murphy who move the puck well.

The offense, on the other hand, has been pretty disappointing.  The Carolina Hurricanes could really use a top-six forward that could pitch in on offense and the powerplay. Players like Mike Cammalleri, Sam Gagner, and Nail Yakupov have all been featured in rumors lately. Any of those three would be a top-six, powerplay guy for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Especially with Alex Semin and Jeff Skinner out, it may be in the Hurricanes best interest to look for a scorer.

The Justin Peters Situation

Justin Peters has been great over his past 10 starts, but with Cam Ward‘s return, and Anton Khudobin‘s imminent return, could the Canes trade Justin Peters? Will they carry three goaltenders? Will they risk sending Peters through waivers? All of those three things are possibilities for the Carolina Hurricanes, according to Rutherford.

If Cam Ward gets back to where he was prior to the injury, and if Anton Khudobin can be the goalie he was for three starts early this year, I think the Canes should trade Peters.

Would this be the best thing for the Carolina Hurricanes? Probably not, but Justin Peters does not deserve to be sent down to the AHL, and he does not deserve to be a third goalie in the NHL who gets no playing time. Based on his play lately, I think he deserves to be a starter or at least split starting time on an NHL team, until he loses the job, if he does. It wouldn’t be fair for Peters and his career to not play him.

The Carolina Hurricanes likely would not get a whole lot for Peters in return, but they could package him in on a deal for a scorer. Teams like the Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, and New York Islanders all need goalie help. Calgary and Edmonton have been in trade rumors as of late, so they might be teams to look out for.

Elias Lindholm News

Jim Rutherford said on Tuesday that Elias Lindholm‘s minor league stint will likely not be long-term. He is on a three-game point streak in Charlotte going into their Tuesday night game, so he has started to play well with the Checkers. He has gotten more ice time as well, so that is good for his development.

When Lindholm does come back to Raleigh, he will likely jump on the third line and powerplay, while providing more offense and depth for the Carolina Hurricanes.


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  • Jeb Bohn

    I don’t know if I would completely agree with the sentiment that the Canes defense has been absolutely great, but I agree that JR will most likely pursue forward help. My big issue with the team is consistency, not that that’s exactly news with this team. They are not consistently physical, and having the physical aspect of the game dictated is not a recipe for success.

    Puck movement is another huge issue. Now, this is not me backtracking an advocating a trade for an offensive minded Dman, but it is an obvious weakness. How many times does one of our defensemen end up carrying the puck out of our zone and through the neutral zone? Now, in how many of this situations (not involving a Dman named Ryan Murphy) has the puck either been dumped in with no momentum or just outright turned over?

    Now, before I get accused of picking on the D, I will say this issue covers everyone. We are seeing bad and/or rushed decisions with the puck in the offensive zone as well, passes being thrown up to empty points or simply blind passes being made where no Canes player could possibly get to it. The other issue is forcing passes into bad areas. If a pass finds a forward in an area where he has nowhere to go, he finds himself trying to force a dump in or pass, usually resulting in a turnover. The worst possible scenario is a bad pass leaving a player vulnerable to a huge, open ice it. None of us wants to see that.

    The bottom line is multi-faceted. The players don’t seem to have a ton of confidence. Is it because of the system? What can Muller do to correct this? I would never argue that the Canes have the most talented lineup, but certainly there is talent there. There are options to move, looking at our D (Gleason), G (Peters is the safe choice, Ward for those who like to think dangerously) and with forwards seeming to need a change (Ruutu). I am keenly interested in seeing what JR does from here on out.

    • Brett Finger

      Very very good points. In my opinion, the Canes defense has been very good, considering the injuries to the starting goalie and backup goalie, injuries to key offensive players, and just a complete lack of offense from the big forwards.

      About puck movement, I feel like Andrej Sekera, in particular is good at making the break out pass from the defensive zone. That was one of the bigger values of Sekera’s game when JR traded for him. Of course, Ryan Murphy can move the puck very well.

      Honestly, I really want to see more offense from Faulk. He is only 21, but it would be great to see more points out of him, because we all know he can do it.

      And on the trades, I wouldn’t be heart broken to see Ruutu and Gleason leave town. Gleason has pretty much been replaced by Brett Bellemore, and he has good chemistry with Hainsey. Ruutu has really been off his game as well, and he was not worth the 5 mill the canes are paying him.

      For Peters, I feel like he deserves the playing time, and to have a shot as a starter in the NHL. With Khudobin and Ward here, he won’t get that opportunity when they are healthy. That’s why I think he could be traded.

      It will be very interesting to see what JR does in the upcoming weeks and months up to the trade deadline.

    • Jeb Bohn

      I definitely agree that the Canes have dmen who have the skills to effectively move the puck up ice, the issue, as with so much around this team, is consistency. Likewise with Faulk. He undoubtedly has the skill and the mental makeup to contribute more points-wise, though at his age it’s only fair to chalk it up to growing pains and a young, NHL defenseman.

      As excited as I was when Ruutu re-signed and as much as I love what he brings when he is on his game, I wonder how much he has left in the tank. The two main issues with moving him and/or Gleason are salary and low trade value. The best bet I currently see would be either guy getting moved in a 1 for 1, change of scenery type deal where a comparable player and salary comes back. Of course, the longer the season progresses, some teams will slide or face injury issues (imagine that), so more trade possibilities could open up. It definitely should be interesting.

      • Brett Finger

        Tampa actually sent scouts to the Canes-Avs game a week ago. With the Stamkos injury, they were probably looking at forwards, Ruutu in particular. JR has apparently been shopping Ruutu around.

        Ruutu and Gleason also have No Trade Clauses, so they have to approve trades. Will be interesting to see if teams will actually take on their big salaries. I agree, you really have to wonder how much Gleason and Ruutu have left. They both have gone through a lot of injury struggles as of late.

        Maybe a solid scoring forward would provide more offense. Maybe another d-man will provide more consistency. I guess we will see what JR does.

  • Jerome Johnson

    Seriously, trade Eric Staal and Cam. Keep Justin. IMO Staal is not a leader and Cam has been over rated for years, trade him while he has value.

    • Brett Finger

      Eric Staal’s leadership has been questioned a lot over the years. At this point, he just needs to go out and lead by example, IMO. He always has and always will say the “right thing” on the bench and in the locker room.

      Trading Cam may be risky. Putting the goaltending on Khudobin and Peters, 2 semi-inexperienced goalies, may put the team at a dis-advantage in net. Hopefully Ward will play well following his injury. You never know, maybe JR has something unexpected under his sleeve.

      • Jerome Johnson

        Let’s remember the contracts as well. I don’t know the salary figures off-hand, but have you been watching the home games? Empty seats by the droves. You can’t go on long like that. Maybe the Carolinas can’t support a team. These are not good fans–remind me a bit of the Atlanta fans before the move. You can’t just go to the games when it’s playoff time.

        I think also that the trade would give Cam a fresh start. Athletes seem to need that sometimes. Maybe Erik too. I know he feels a deep, deep sense of obligation to perform. It’s just not getting done on a consistent basis. Not for a Captain, and not for that much money, IMO.

    • thestormchaser

      Agreed! E Staal, J Staal and Ward are overpaid and over rated. Did you see Allen Muir call out Eric Staal in the power rankings?

      “Eric Staal has just two tallies in his last 13. Not good enough, Captain.”