Mar 8, 2012; Ottawa, ON, CAN; New York Rangers defenseman Marc Staal (18) in second period action against the ottawa Senators at Scotiabank Place. The Senators defeated the Rangers 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Speculation: How About A Marc Staal-Jeff Skinner Trade?

The Carolina Hurricanes need defensemen, they’re open to trading a former “untouchable player” and love the Staal brothers, so why not a trade based around Marc Staal and Jeff Skinner?

The Canes are looking for a top four defenseman that excels in the defensive end, which exactly describes Staal. The New York Rangers had trouble scoring in the playoffs, which Skinner can help.

Also, the Rangers would not be heavily affected by the loss of Staal. Their top four features Michael Del Zotto, Ryan McDonagh and Dan Girardi and with the

Jeff Skinner scored 13 goals and 24 points for the Hurricanes this season. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

emergence of John Moore, they are set on defense.

Staal makes just under $4 million for the next two seasons, while Skinner makes $5.7 million for the next six seasons. However, the Rangers have $14 million in cap space and are likely to buy out Brad Richards, who makes over $6 million a season.

The differing salaries should not be a problem as Skinner is signed longer and Staal will be looking for a pay raise in two seasons.

Before the Canes make a trade like this, they need to be sure they can replace Skinner’s offense. GM Jim Rutherford would like to draft an NHL-ready player in this year’s draft, but that player has to be capable of making an impact in the Canes’ top six. This could be possible with how deep the 2013 NHL Draft is.

However, there are things each team needs to use caution with, for both of these players:

For the Canes, Staal has dealt with concussions in the past and missed a good portion of last season due to a puck that hit his eye. Staal told ESPN at the end of May that he “does not expect his eye to make a full recovery,” but could still play in the NHL.

For the Rangers, Skinner had a great rookie season, but has not been able to duplicate that success in his two other seasons in the NHL. Skinner has also dealt with concussions throughout his career.

This is all speculation, but a trade that involves Marc Staal and Jeff Skinner would fit the needs of both teams and could be a viable trade.

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  • zuccsaga36

    YEAH LETS TEAR ARE DEFENSE APART BY TRADING OUR BEST DEFENSEMEN yo what drugs are you on to even write this article. staals not going anywhere for a long time. staal is more valuable then skinner ever will be hes young and hes one of the best defensemen in the league you dont trade those players when defense is so hard to find. you shoulod be punched in your face for even bringing this trade up, DELZOTTO IS TERRIBLE nobody with a brain wants this kid on the team to ever think he would be a reliable defensmen is ludacris. marc staal is one of the best defenders in the league he is the best defensman on the team and isnt going to be traded for anything less then malkin

    • BFC30

      Marc Staal is not one of the best dmen in the league…. SKinner has major potential and they traded Gaborik away. They need offense and news flash, SKinner has it.

      • zuccsaga36

        you have absolutely no idea what your talking about if you think marc staal isnt one of the the best shut down defensmen in the league you just dont. skinner will not get you marc staal. your delusional if you think that. doesnt matter marc staal isnt going anywhere rangers wont trade marc staal dude only way they lose him is if he doesnt re up his contract

        • BFC30

          Ok ok, I agree he is one of the best shut down dmen in the league. He is not one of the best all around dmen in the league. SKinner is worth the price though. I mean, he is 21 and he is so full of potential. His upside is extremely high. His skating and offensive firepower is amazing.If he can improve on his 2 way game, he can be a first line player, no problem.

          • zuccsaga36

            skinner for staal is so lop sided its redic do you understand how hard it is to get players like marc staal defenders like staal in this league are very hard to come by very hard to come by which is why when teams get them they lock them up long term. staal isnt going anywhere hes a core player on the rangers and no gm in there right mind would trade a player like him. rangers move a defender they will move delzotto. hes the weakest link defensively on there team and seems to be quite a few teams interested in him. skinner is injury prone and hasnt looked right in the past 2 seassons. hes damaged goods. sorry to say because im a big skinner fan but his worth is that of delzotto. no teams will go near him with how hes played past 2 years and his injuries. im sorry but your crazy if you think jeff skinner will get you a caliber defensemen like marc staal one of the best shut down d men in the league with offensive upside. new coach in new york whos going to allow his team to take some more offensive risks marc i expect to have the best season statistically hes ever had. when seasons over if he doesnt you can come here and say i told you so. but sorry buddy cant say enough how staal and skinner isnt a fair deal not even close

          • BFC30

            Marc Staal has had multiple concussions, a broken nose, and an eye injury that he will never fully recover from. Jeff Skinner has had multiple concussions. I understand where you are coming from, I really do, and I’m not trying to be a jerk. If you put Skinner with the right people, he can be a great player. New York has defense out the wa-zoo. They will likely buy out Richards and they traded Gaborik. THey need an exciting forward. Carolina needs a shut down dman. And of course the last name makes Carolina want him even more. I’m also not saying a one for one trade. Jamie McBain, Zac Dalpe, Justin Peters, and Victor Rask are all players Carolina could potentially shop around. I doubt Ryan Murphy would be put in that category. New York is stacked on defense and if Mcdonagh is as amazing as people are saying, they can give up a dman. Especially if they are taking McBain back aswell. And if they give up Marc, a very good veteran stay at home defense man in Andrew Ference is available in FA and I’m sure Ference would be very interested in NYR.

          • zuccsaga36

            Multiple concussions ? He’s had one. Once again I say defenders like Marc staal are hard to come by if rangers make this trade there will be a giant hole in the lineup and they would be taking a step backwards from cup contention Marc staals a d man who will be a ranger for a long long time and he’s a player all nhl teams want. He’s the kind of defensmen that helps win championships

  • Christian

    I’m a rangers fan and I completely agree. Staal is our best defenseman and at his age there is no way you get him for Skinner. If the Canes wanted him that bad you’d be looking at mcbain and your first for him. And I still doubt sather would make that trade. He is too important to the rangers to move him unless your selling gold.

  • p888

    Skinner isn’t going anywhere for a long time. There’s talk of signing Murphy during free agency, and we all know the two played well together for the Kitchener Rangers. I just don’t see a Skinner trade in the near future.

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