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Who Are Caniacs Voting For Today ?

Greetings Caniacs! As we are all ready to do our part during Election Day, I cannot help but to think how nice it would be if the current lock out situation was on the Ballot. Who would you be voting for? I know voting is personal, but when my hockey was taken away it got real personal.

Your candidates on the NHL ballot would be the NHLPA’s union representative Donald Fehr, and the Commissioner of the NHL Gary Bettman. We have all became familiar with both heads of their respective parties, and we have heard all of the reasons why each parties proposals would not work. We are entering a crucial point of the negotiation process. Thankfully both parties have agreed to resume talks behind closed doors.

This leads me to asking you this “At this point in the negotiations are you in support of the NHLPA or the NHL” in other words are you for the players or are you for the owners? It is speculated that the owners are willing to honor all current contracts if the players are willing to accept a 50-50 split. On the other hand, the players are wanting all existing contracts to be honored and are willing to listen to how creative owners are willing to get to get the revenue sharing at a 50-50 split.

With both parties scheduled to meet Tuesday, resuming negotiations at this point means no news is good news. I think if we do not hear anything at all this week that means there is some traction and we could have hockey back as early as December 1st. Neither party can afford to turn this into a media war. After the winter classic was cancelled many devoted hockey fans from all parts of North America lashed out at players, owners and media outlets. One thing is for sure, the NHL as a whole has some damage control to do in the near future.

I will remain cautiously optimistic during the next few weeks. However if there is not a deal signed by Thanksgiving, I would say the likely hood of having a season at all looks grim. So Caniacs, lets keep our fingers crossed and our skates sharp in hopes that these two parties can find some common ground allowing them to move forward in getting a deal done.


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