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NHL And NHLPA Forget About Their #Fans


Greetings Caniacs! As we begin the Month of November, I am praying that this will be the last month that I ever write the word “Lockout” again. The NHL is remaining firm, as is the NHLPA, although they are attempting to appear as the “good guy” in this whole debacle. As long as Donald Fehr is the head of the union they will remain just as guilty as the owners are. The players knew exactly what they were getting into when they decided to call Mr. Fehr for his services.

At this point in time both parties have one thing in common, pushing the fans and the employees of the arena to the side because this is all about the almighty dollar. Their main focus is how much they are willing to gain or let go. Commissioner Gary Bettman is being controlled by several of the owners that are calling for a change. Publicly they will not admit it but behind closed doors I assure you ( coming from both sides) it’s a mixture of a few big market teams and a few of the financially weaker teams controlling the NHL side of the house.

With today’s social media outlets it is very easy for a “source “to leak information regarding whether a new CBA is in the works, player frustration, or fan frustration. What’s that? Fan frustration? There have been some very interesting articles out there about season ticket holders wanting their money back or reducing their game plans. Although this is just a pin prick to the sport we love it should send a message to the players and the owners.

The players want their voice to be heard. During my latest trip to Raleigh Center Ice, I could not help but notice the Hurricane players that were there wearing their NHLPA jersey’s. They went as far as having  “#theplayers” on the back of them. I understand this is the NHLPA’s decision to make sure players have the hash tag on the back but I just see it as ridiculous.  This entire lockout is ridiculous. There is a deal staring at both of them in the face however neither party wants to look like the loser. Sound familiar? Take a look at the NBA’s lockout process from last year and tell me if all parties involved are not following the same script.

Caniacs we took a right hook with the lockout of 2004 and we are taking a stiff blow again this time around. However at some point a deal will get done and unfortunately it is coming at the fans expense. But for now the 30 arenas across North America remain without hockey. Gone is the tailgating that many show up at PNC Arena for, Gone is the pregame skate many show up for, Gone is the smell of roasted almonds and pecans filling the arena, Gone is the routine trips that Stormy the Ice Hog makes around the arena bear hugging young children and making them smile and winning their hearts, Gone is the loudest house in the NHL. When will the fans stop being punished for the greed of players and owners?


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