March 23, 2012; Columbus, OH, USA; Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman David Savard (58) tries to keep Carolina Hurricanes right wing Chad LaRose (59) from a loose puck at Nationwide Arena. Mandatory Credit: Greg Bartram-US PRESSWIRE

The Great Rosey Debate

Very few players in the NHL are beloved by all fans, however there is one player of the Carolina Hurricanes whose fan base baffles me. Some Caniacs adore Chad LaRose and others wouldn’t think twice to lose him to other team. It is a little surprising to me that Rosey can be equally respected as he is disliked for a player who has spent his consistent NHL career with the Canes.

I had a conversation with a local college hockey player at the rink this summer that was passionate about seeing LaRose out of the Hurricanes roster. Obviously, his wish didn’t come true. His compliant was his gaining of poor penalties and never being a 20+ goal scorer.

It is true LaRose isn’t a first line point machine and he made a few blunders last seasons, but does that mean he is a bad player? Chad just came off his best season with 19 goals and 13 assists in just 67 games. Yes, he did have 48 minutes in the sin bin, but his stats do show he creates scoring chances when he is on the ice (at least at even strength). The winger has proved versatile in a variety of roles.

I suppose a fair assessment would be he isn’t great defensively, specifically on the penalty kill. That is where we depend on Coach Kirk Muller to utilize LaRose in situations to create plays and motivate his team. Chad LaRose is one of those players you want in the locker room. He shows no fear on the ice and is always pushing 110%.

Personally, I believe this new lineup will propel Rosey into an even better season, but you tell me Caniacs…why do you love or hate Chad LaRose? Let’s hear it in the comment section.

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  • Canes Lifer

    I love him because he never gives anything but 100% both on and off the ice. He’s a leader in the locker room – he’s the guy who keeps everyone loose. He’s an agitator who thinks nothing of taking on Zdeno Chara – who is easily a foot taller and 75 pounds heavier than he is – and others like him. He does anything and everything asked of him. He takes dumb penalties sometimes – but it’s always when he is trying to get something going it seems. Every team needs a player like him. He needs to be on the third or fourth line – not in the top 6 – though when he plays in the top 6 it’s because that’s what he’s asked to do and he creates chances.

  • Dwayne Hamm

    Hate him in a top 6 position. Hate him worse getting PP time. His PLUS-minus is retarded but I feel he would be OK on the 4th line concentrating on defense. Better that than scorong 20 and beong a -20.