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Hurricanes Get an “F” in Assigning an “A”

Technically the role of Captain/Alternate Captain is limited to being the only player on the ice that is to communicate with officials. But for most teams throughout the league, it means more than that. A recent trend has been to assign the position of Captain to the face of their organization, almost as a sign of respect. A player that, in addition to performing on the ice, is willing to participate in community service and charity events, to be an ambassador for not only the team, but the league. The role of Alternate Captain however, almost always goes to a player like Tim Gleason, Jeff Daniels or Glen Wesley. Players that, while great in their own right,  aren’t Sidney Crosby/Zach Parise types. They’re usually players that garner most of their respect within the walls of the locker room and on the ice by their teammates. This tradition has been carried out here in Carolina for years. That is, until now.

4 days ago Jordan Staal visited Raleigh to start his search for a new home. While in town, he also found some time to film a (horribly canned) statement to “Caniac Fans”  and pick up his sweater. Outside of that, he hasn’t really done anything for our organization yet. So, imagine my surprise when, at the sweater presentation, I see on the upper left hand shoulder, sewn onto his brand new #11 Wolfpack Red jersey, the “A”. It would be more difficult to get an “A” in elementary school than what he’s had to do to earn the title since joining the club. I think it’s best to at least give the illusion that some of the other players on the roster had a chance at earning the distinction. Don’t some of the more tenured players at least deserve a chance at competing for it? Let it play out in training camp. Tell the players that the position is up for grabs and let them fight for it. Competition in training camp is never a bad thing. I’m sure Jordan would’ve won the coveted title anyway, after all he’s extremely well qualified to fill the role. Not to mention, there aren’t many players on the roster that would even fit the bill.  But it’s not something to just be handed out like No Trade Clauses! Make him earn it. In the process, he will also earn the respect of his new teammates, which is what the title is intended to signify in the first place.

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  • Cody

    You obviously dont keep up well or you wouldve known a long time ago he was given the A not long after he signed his 10age year contract. That is what he did for the team already. He committed most of his career here before he ever even put on our jersey for a game. You are a horrible writer and cant seem to write anything positive or anything that makes much logical sense. Jordan will be here for 10 long years and more than likely guys like Gleason or LaRose or Ruutu won’t be

  • hurricanes7171

    wish i could unclick reading this article. sutter was the A. jordan staal is a MUCH better player. aaaaaand article irrelevant.

  • Canesfan77

    He signed a 10-year contract to be in Carolina. He already had the “A” in Pittsburgh, and would’ve gotten it here sooner or later. On the ice, he displays the work ethic and leadership worthy of having the “A”. So what’s the big deal? I have no issue with this. Complaining about it is making something out of nothing.

  • Canes Lifer

    I’m seeing a disturbing trend in your Canes articles Fox. The last 3 or 4 have been very depressing as you seem to find fault with absolutely everything the Canes do, particularly the GM. What’s up with that? Of course Jordan Staal hasn’t done anything for our community yet – he hasn’t even been here. While I agree in principle with the thought that maybe it shouldn’t have been handed to him, writing an article like this and then throwing in a jab about a “canned speech” shows little to no class. Staal was a fixture in the Pittsburgh community and I have no doubt he will do the same here, so why not do some research and comment on how he might help our community here? I would much prefer to read something written in a positive vein while still getting a point across about something with which you might not agree. This constant negativity is really getting old…

  • http://twitter.com/CaniacCaz JC

    I knew Jordan got the A long ago but I too think he should have at least practiced once with the team before getting it handed to him. I’m fairly certain it was part of his deal to be honest. And hurricanes7171, getting the “A” is not all about how you play on the ice, as Fox pointed out in the article. It has to do with leadership off the ice, community service, and being a great locker room guy. How many times did Brandon Sutter have to face the media and be positive after a loss this year? I dare say Brandon Sutter was more of a leader this year than our Captain was. Not to mention he played in all 82 games this season even though he had a back problem at the end of the year. I saw more fight and determination to win in him than most any other player with the Canes this season. Finally, I love my Canes, but Jordan Staal was playing with far more talent than Brandon Sutter. Think about that before you compare them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Cricket.Fox88 Cricket Fox

    Guess no one reads the positive articles I write? Thanks for reading (at least the negative ones) anyway!

  • Rebecca

    It was announced prior to the presser that he would wear the ‘A’, were you not paying attention? In addition, I am sure he is already respected bt his new teammates for what he had done during his time with the Pens. He has not yet proven his worth, but I don’t think that will be an issue, but he has proven that he is up to the task and I don’t understand why you can’t see that.

  • Anonymous

    This article is dumb. That is my complex opinion on its editorial content, as it is not worthy of a more complex opinion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Cricket.Fox88 Cricket Fox

    Leave it to Canes fans to keep it classy when disagreeing with someone else’s thoughts. Reinforces why I left. Thanks for reading!

  • Samyo

    And we don’t miss you either! LOL

  • summerale

    One major reason the decision to give him an A before he had even skated for the Canes was so that replica jerseys could also sport the A.