Canes Declaw the Cats 3-1 in Raleigh

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Last night the Carolina Hurricanes scratched and clawed their way through the tilt with the Florida Panthers and came out 3-1 winners on the score sheet. This was the Canes’ season-high fourth win in a row. I could get really lazy with this recap and give you the score, the winning and losing goalies and just say “Eric Staal ladies and gentlemen,” but I won’t do that. I will be kind and give you a little more meat to the story.

Eric Staal continues to lead the Canes with intensity and fire. Unhinge the Staal! (Photo: James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE)

Both teams took to the ice hungry last night and as divisional and conference rivals they both had something on the line. The Panthers are currently third in the Eastern Conference behind the Bruins and the Rangers, the only team that has clinched a playoff spot so far. The Canes are still hanging around in 11th and are five points behind the Washington Capitals who sit in 8th, the magic cut off point. While making the playoffs is a stretch, the Canes have been playing like they think they can make it, and last night was no exception.

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