The Great Canes Mystery

The Hurricanes swept the Stanley Cup Champions and won contests against other top teams like the Penguins, Flyers, and Blackhawks. Based on these statistics, you may scratch your head and wonder why the Canes have been drowning at the bottom of the Eastern Conference pool for the majority of the season.

Similar struggling teams, like the Canadians and Islanders, are the culprit. We can’t seem to beat more equally matched opponents. It leaves one question, “How can Carolina shut down top squads only to fall to mediocre teams?” Don’t believe this is the case, well, I’m prepared for you…

Based on the above facts, The Hurricanes victories have come against teams with a higher win percentage while our losses have come against clubs with a lower win percentage. It may be slight, but it is something to note.

Have the Canes become a chameleon? Do they change their colors to match their competitors? It’s excellent they prepare themselves for a physically skilled team like Boston, however, does the team also downgrade their intensity when playing a lower ranked team?

Agree? Disagree? What is your theory Caniacs? Share your opinion below in the comment box.

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*Statistics from as of February 4, 2012

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