Justin Faulk. A lean, mean, mustache machine! (Photo: www.gocheckers.com)

Movember Marches On: Status of the Staches

Tuesday evening I made a trip down to the Queen City to the Time Warner Cable Arena, home of our Charlotte Checkers. I did not get to see a hockey game, but I did get my buns rocked off by Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters. Not only did Dave rock the people, but he also rocked some pretty amazing facial hair. It seems only fitting to do so in the home of the guys who are making Movember a reality. If you’re late to the party, Movember is a yearly event where men are encouraged to grow mustaches to raise money supporting treatment and awareness for prostate cancer and other cancers affecting men.

Three players from the Carolina Hurricanes big club have registered to participate. Derek Joslin, Jamie McBain and Brandon Sutter all are growing staches and you can donate money on their pages. I think Jamie’s duster is fairly creepy, but strangely awesome and is worthy of a donation, and we all look forward to the “Sutterstache” every year.

But when it comes to Movember, the Charlotte Checkers could teach the Hurricanes a thing or two. They have, as the kids say, “brought it.” They haven’t just registered a couple of players. They have two TEAMS, Durno and Terry! There was none of that pitiful volunteering business for the Checkers. They held a live Movember draft and picked twenty participants. Team captain Chris Durno quickly grabbed Nicolas Blanchard and he is expected to be a strong contender. The other team, captained by Chris Terry, is not too shabby and features veteran cookie duster grower Justin Peters. I encourage you to watch this face-paced and exciting event to see how things unfolded.

The Checkers boys are moving right along and have been providing loyal fans and contributors with multimedia updates. Of special note is the update by netminder Michael Murphy and some thoughts on joining the efforts late by Jerome Samson. It’s must see video.

Normally our boys are honest fellas, but it appears that Team Durno has brought in a most unexpected ringer, Jared Staal. Who would have thought the baby-faced ginger would have so much mustache growing prowess? I appreciate his zeal!

Jordan Staal rocks an unexpectedly strong stache for a ginger. (Photo: www.gocheckers.com)

It’s probably not nice to play favorites, but I have to admit, d-man Justin Faulk has won my Movember devotion with his pencil thin stache. Faulk is known for his amazing flow but the duster really completes the look for me. I am hoping for a strong finish for the mustachioed 19 year old.

The Checkers continue their spirit of giving and community involvement as they are offering discounted tickets for $15 to any of the five November home games. $6 of each ticket will be donated to Movember. Charitable donations, men with mustaches and hockey! How can you go wrong?! For all of your Movember Checkers updates and links to donation and discount pages go HERE and use the promo code “Movember.”

Pick your favorite duster and help a man out! Don’t forget that Cardiac Cane will present major awards at the end of the month!

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