A Moore Square passerby ponders an acorn as a mascot. (Photo: Tammy Biondi, raleighdurham.about.com)

Take Five: Canes Names That Didn't Make the Cut

After this week’s random East Coast earthquake I found myself paying extra attention to natural disasters and checking the weather. Of course this included tracking Hurricane Irene who is headed our way. I was dreading even thinking about storm preparations and I blurted out “I hate hurricanes!” That phrase left my lips and it felt like sacrilege. I didn’t mean my beloved hockey club! A friend of mine asked, “Who came up with that name anyway?” Amazingly I didn’t have an answer. According to the Wikipedia, the team’s owner, Peter Karmanos selected the name himself. And who can doubt the Wikipedia? Carolina Hurricanes is a perfectly solid hockey club name. But as a top-notch journalist I did some research used my vivid imagination and unearthed evidence of other marvelous monikers that were considered. Here are some of the great names that sadly landed in the reject pile:

1. The Humidity - Miami has the “Heat.” We have the Humidity. That’s right. We like our air where we can see it. Ok not really but it’s not like we have a choice. Players could dress in uniforms that are already soaking wet instead of generating that perspiration on the ice. Alternative name: The Heat Index. (LeBron James not included).

2. The Triangle Transplants - No. I am not suggesting that our state excels in organ donations. According to the 2010 Census, in the past 10 years the population of North Carolina has grown 18.5%. I am using my scientific skills to conclude that isn’t solely due to some crazy baby boom. People here are from lots of other places. I find that I don’t even notice a Boston, New York or New Jersey accent anymore. It stands out more when I actually meet someone that talks like I do. This team could be wildly successful as long as they don’t chirp the natives about how they do everything better where they are from.

3. Team Sweet Tea – Frankly nowadays I see a lot of the healthy set drinking fancy water in bottles or ice water with lemon. Lemons belong in tea. Teams in Europe have all sorts of corporate sponsorship. Why can’t Bojangle’s, makers of the most delicious tea on planet Earth, sponsor our club? I can visualize the frenzy that would ensue as the Storm Squad shoots biscuits out of one of those t-shirt cannons.

4. The Pulled Pork Puckers – Barbecue is serious business in this area. It’s a noun not a verb. Pork not beef. A regional divide separates sauces and styles. During scrimmages we would dress two squads. One vinegar-based whole pig squad and a tomato-based pork shoulder squad. This could also lead to a hushpuppy vs corn stick squad. Actually I have decided this idea is too complicated and controversial and it would be easier to dress a team in honor of Morningstar Farms products. I can’t really visually tofu as mascot, but we could make it work.

5. The Mighty Oaks – Toronto has the Maple Leafs. Raleigh is the City of Oaks. It stands to reason that we could represent ourselves with this mighty tree. It also stands to reason that this is a pretty bad name. Our mascot would be an acorn. This could lead to danger as packs of squirrels could invade the RBC center. For the record, it still doesn’t sound worse than the Mighty Ducks.

If the Canes were your team what would you call them? (9th place is NOT a valid answer). Tell us in the comments!

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