10 for Tuesday: 10 Things a Hurricanes Fan Will Never Say

We hear all the other kids on the FanSided network are doing it, so why don’t we? Here are 10 things you will never hear a Hurricanes fan say.

10. I am so sick of hearing Rock You Like a Hurricane.

9.  I wish we could ditch all these guys from Finland and trade them for some Swedes.

8. This arena is so quiet I could meditate in here.

7. Hockey sure is boring. I wish this town had stuck to football.

6. This cap ceiling is really putting a cramp into our contract plans.

5. Man I can’t believe we got stuck with Forslund and Kaiton calling our games.

4. I wish I knew what it felt like to win the Stanley Cup.

3. I hate that our players act like rockstars and are so inaccessible to the fans.

2. I love when the Sabres come to town! Their fans are so friendly and mild mannered! It’s like entertaining the Amish!

And the number one thing you will never hear a Canes fan say…

1. I sure wish we could have drafted Taylor Hall instead of that Skinner kid.

Share your 10 things in the comments! Curious about other teams? Head on over to Octopus Thrower and Broad Street Buzz for more top 10 action.

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