Erik Cole still remains in timeout. (Photo Credit: Leigh LeClaire)

Take a Seat Saturday: Erik Cole Exit

Take a Seat Saturday is dedicated to sharing the best penalties, you know, those scrums, hooks or slashes that send players to the sin box. I won’t up this morning with a stationary jagged pill in my throat. Call me naïve, but I truly believed Erik Cole would be in a Canes sweater come October. I’m still shocked.

The winger’s quotes plastered all over the media was salt in the wound, “People will say he’s won a Cup and he likes it in Carolina and these things are true but I want to win and I want to be part of something.”

Part of something?! Part of something?! Why I outah..

“I’ve always enjoyed playing in Montreal,” said Cole. “As soon as you set foot in the city, you can feel the excitement.” Dagger meet chest. Clearly, Mr. Cole has already forgotten he comes from the loudest arena in the NHL. His advancing age must be causing memory loss. 

The logical portion of me, small but somewhat functional, declares Cole’s departure as an opportunity for the Canes. It is a chance for younger players to move up and it eliminates a big question…How will Cole produce for the Canes next season?

He had an astounding 2010-11 run with his ironic 26 goals and 26 assists while wearing his #26 jersey. The psychic number freak in me screams, “Number magic glorifying his last remarkable year!”

“It’s a playoff team every year and a team that can vie for the Stanley Cup, so I’m excited,” he told TSN.

{insert temper tantrum here}

I’ll admit, I don’t think Canes are a Cup team this year but certainly a playoff team. Plus, we had the hardware just five years ago. Dang, as Cleveland girl who has NEVER seen her city claim a championship in her lifetime I still consider the Canes recent Cup champs.

Despite the positive possibilities of Cole’s departure, I am putting him in the penalty box until further notice. His penalty isn’t due to wanting more money. Hell, we all want more money. He gets a misconduct for the distasteful way he left his dedicated fans. Perhaps he should use some of that $18 million dished out by the Habs to hire a good PR person.

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  • Dan

    A sign that will be seen at RBCC/PNCC next season:

    “$tay cla$$y, Cole$y”

  • Robert

    How is anyone shocked Cole left? Personally, based on his last deal, 4.5 Million is about right. He was awful in 08 =- 09 in Edmonton and hasn’t proved he can play with anyone other than Eric Staal. After that bad year, he gets 3.5 Million. Then he has an average year and a great year and is offered…..3.5 Million? That’s a slap in the face from the Canes. I’m guess we also offered no where near 4 years, which based on his health issues is ridiculous of MTL to offer. Also, not giving this guy an A last year was somewhat of another slap in the face.

  • NCCaniac42

    I will wait and then laugh when the MTL press, who loves him now, turns on him when he doesn’t produce a point a game. JR was right to only offer him 3.5M, AND his comments to TSN right after the deal was made, did make it sound like he couldn’t wait to get to a REAL NHL City. $tay Cla$$y is right. I am not bitter.. anyone can leave for the money, but when you dis the fan base that supported you thru good and bad seasons on the way out the door.. screw you. You can bemoan JR and the Ownership.. but DO NOT MESS with #CaniacNation. We won’t forgive easily.

  • Robert

    How is Cole the bad guy but last season Ray Whitney wasn’t? I don’t remember Cole denying a trade for a first round draft pick to “not move his family” and then signing with a team on the other end of the country?

  • NCCaniac42

    Ray was told early on that he wasn’t going to fit into the plans that JR had made, to go younger. He had made it clear he would like to stay but no offers were tendered IIRC.. Colsey on the other hand.. talked a big game about wanting to stay.. but then decided to move.. I think he made up his mind a month ago.. long before July 1. again JMHO.

  • Esbee

    Ahhh. Another one of my “topics” I was thinking about ;-) I am still not over this. I have a been a huge Erik Cole fan his entire career. He is my favorite NHL player overall. When he came back here I was so excited. I really thought he would retire a Cane. Well now it sounds like he will retire in North Carolina but not as a Cane. I am glad that he loves it here and wants to come back after playing elsewhere. But I am not quite sure how that is supposed to make me feel better as a fan. It’s not like he going to invite me over to play ball hockey in his driveway.

    He was offered an obscenely large amount of money to play for a team that seems to be a dream of a lot of players. Personally, as an American I would not be jumping up and down to play in an arena that booed my national anthem. I guess that is the part of the Bell Centre “atmosphere” I will never understand.

    I understand that Montreal is a lot closer to his and his wife’s families in upstate New York. The kids will get to live in another country and learn a new language. It’s a great opportunity. And the team has money. There is no way we were going to pay him for what he was looking for and yes he should have had an A on his chest last year.

    I do not begrudge that. I am not surprised he left. I just wish he would have made at least one comment in the media that was positive about his time here (Besides his love of just living here). “Love the fans” or “Thanks for supporting me.” I know he is now trying to win over the Habs fans. But it would have gone a long way to just say “Thanks”. I heard an interview with him on XM Home Ice and I felt like I was listening to an ex talk about a younger, thinner, richer new girlfriend. It felt awful.

    Just made me feel stupid as jersey wearing, bobblehead owning fan, to have my favorite player just sort of say “See ya!” I have read things from incoming guys like Tim Brent on Twitter thanking Toronto for his days there and THEN he moved on to his anxious to come to NC comments.

    I know it’s a business. It’s not personal. But when you really immerse yourself as fans of the guys it feels personal. I don’t want to think it but now I just picture Erik and his wife doing the “Commodore” and rolling around on a bed of Canadian Dollars while laughing at us silly overemotional fans.

    I knew in my heart he was outta here but it doesn’t make any easier as a fan. I can’t get past that whole hockey players are people and accept this is how the sports world works.

  • Esbee

    As you said NCCaniac42 I am sure his mind was made up. I really don’t think this deal just magically felt out of the sky on July 1st. “Oh what a lovely morning. I just had a great idea! Let’s go see if we grab some random UFA from ohhhhhh I dunno, NC this morning?! Yeah! Let’s try that!”

    All I wanted was for him to thank the fans. That’s it. It just feels bad.

  • KP Kelly

    Thank you Esbee, NCCaniac & Robert for sharing your thoughts and reading! Cole will be touchy subject for many, for a long time. What would sports be without a little drama, right!? Thanks again for your support! Happy 4th!

  • KP Kelly

    Oh, and Dan too! Sorry Dan, missed ya there!