Caniacs React to Hurricanes' Friday Frenzy

Colesy Out. (Phote Credit: Chris Seward via N&O)

Most of the afternoon was eerily quiet while other teams, like Florida and Phoenix, dived into the free agency pool like a bunch of greedy hogs. Carolina finally joined the merriment and here is where they stood as of 6:30pm Friday evening.



Out the door…Erik Cole.

Caniacs shared with me their feelings to the wheels and deals on Twitter…

@DeWaltGirl said, “I’m thrilled with getting Bouch. Neutral on Poni until I see how he fits in, call me optimistic there. Excited to see Brent develop in our system and think we should have let Jiri walk.”

@SparkleShorty tweeted, “Happy with the Bouch signing, optimistic about Brent, sad about Colesy leaving, and confuddled by Jiri returning. It’s been a day. Lol.”

@Silent_Shadow36 stated, “I like the Boucher and Brent signings. also like that they let Cole go, way too much $$. Disagree with the Tlusty signing. I mean it’s sad to see Cole go & he was a huge part of this team, but I’m glad the Canes didn’t spend all our money to keep him.”

@Esbee92 said, “There is no way we could have matched Cole’s money and we shouldn’t have. That’s just too much. Not sure how I feel about the Boucher signing. He definitely has experience though. Think the Tlusty deal was bad. Overall at the end of the day things are better for Cam Ward but as a team I think we come out worse. Very disappointed.”

@Caniac151 summed it up well, “GUT PUNCH. That is all.”

@DAbrams2021 stated, “love the Poni signing; he can play on all four lines; very talented.”

@KCracken tweeted, “I’m actually okay with what happened. Loss of Cole gives the boys in AHL a better chance. We have so many developing players.”

@Tachibana828 said, “Cole loss hurts, Poni could be another Jussi, LOVE the Boucher pickup, and excited to see what Brent can do.”

@MikeSolarte stated, “don’t like losing Cole, but he got a nice payday in MTL. Ponikrovsky should be good fit. More to be done.”

@Caniac176 frist tweeted, “Sad that Cole’s gone, still have hope in the one and only #JRPimpHand.”

Sounds like Caniacs are not at all pleased with the Tlusty deal, sad to witness the exit of Cole, but overall some good additions were made to assist Cam Ward and the penalty kill.

How do I feel about everything?

Oh, well, thank you for asking. I am sad to see Colesy leave his Corvo and Canes. However, he made have just played the last great season of his career. I’ll be interested to see how he performs with the Habs. I feel like there is some secret I am not privy to with Tlusty. I just don’t get it. I am excited to yell Booosh at games and sincerely hope it brings much needed relief to Ward. Finally, keeping Rosey on the roster keeps me one happy girl. I predict a stellar season from him this year.

No matter how Canes Nation feels about the moves, we will continue to support our team. Let’s go Canes! Tailgate, fill those seats (bring a friend!), and keep the RBC barn the loudest in the NHL!

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  • Esbee

    I have been reading more about Tim Brent. From what I am reading I am liking what I hear. I mean from a a “fit” standpoint he sounds like a good fit for the team. (i.e. forget just hockey. He sounds like a good guy). I am still reeling from the Cole news. There is just no way we could compete with that money. I wish I had not listened to his interview on XM though. I felt like I was hearing an ex talk about a younger and hotter new girlfriend. I know he has left and come back before. Not feeling it this time.

    I am THRILLED we got Jussi to stay though. and Rosey. I don’t get the Chad haters of the world. I am a big fan and feel so relieved that he is staying.