Tim "Hat Trick" Thomas (Photo Credit: Renee Kalicicki)

A Caniac in Vegas: The NHL Awards Red Carpet

Some tourists leave their vacation with souvenirs such as t-shirts, shot glasses, postcards, you know, the usual suspects. I left Las Vegas (and the NHL Awards) with my own odd set of keepsakes:

  •  A beautiful mental image of our young Hurricane grabbing the Rookie of the Year trophy
  • A hospital bill
  • Embarrassing photos
  • New pals
  • Brutal beating in basketball (but an arm wrestling victory)
  • Hearing loss from The Fourth Period after party at the Palms
  • A new career aspiration (I will be the next Margaritaville girl that jumps in the blender. Jumps in a life-size blender. Killer.)
  • Beer gut

I really could have done without the last souvenir. However, there is one intangible token I took away.

Witnessing the most accomplished NHL’ers be honored for their achievements was inspiring. I worked on my PDS (Pucks Down South) Plan on the plane ride home. Prepare Caniacs, we are going to recruit, educate, and party with hockey virgins from Wilmington to freaking Bahama. The red carpet may be been a little cheesy, and the Real Housewives were a disgrace, but the event served its purpose. It awarded deserving athletes and promoting the pucking sport.

I mean it Canes’ fans. No more judging folks for mispronouncing Samson. No more snickering at puck bunnies showing up half naked at the arena. Offer them a sweater, GD! We have to produce a genuine interest in hockey south of the Ohio Valley, sorry Caps excluded.

Need some extra encouragement? Here are some fantastic pictures from the NHL Awards red carpet thanks to @peacelovepuck on Twitter.

Chara (Photo Credit: Renee Kalicicki)

Mad men Hamm (Photo Credit: Renee Kalicicki)

Kesler (Photo Credit: Renee Kalicicki)

Lidstorm (Photo Credit: Renne Kalicicki)

Luongo (Photo Credit: Renne Kalicicki)

Rinne (Photo Credit: Renee Kalicicki)

Perry (Photo Credit: Renee Kalicicki)

Toews (Photo Credit: Renee Kalicicki)


Caniacs, stayed tuned for kick-off parties and other great ways to encourage new AHL/NHL fans in the Carolinas. If you have suggestions or ideas on how to support the sport in North Carolina, do not hesitiate

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  • fetch

    “Lidstorm” is an awesome typo

    • KP Kelly

      haha! Yes, it is. I will keep that one going.

  • Canenust

    Glad to see you made it out of LV alive and congrats on the arm wrestling win, and the beer gut!!!! i know the feeling of a 3 am make-out session with someone that is so… hot you can’t stop. Your’s was on a pillar, mine might have been on a less favorable newspaper stand like box that used to line the strip!!! Lidstorm LOL!! I love it!!! I am on board to get some real hockey fans on the caniac wagon. nothing beats a 75 degree day and some BBQ washed down with ice cold beers or your drink of choice, that is Hockey weather and we need to do our best to make this a hocky town. RDU is a good hockey town but not agreat one…yet! I can’t imagine trying to go to a game in Jan in Edmonton, although, I guess the 65 degree temps in the arena would have you sweating bullets since that would be nearly 100 degrees warmer than the day time high!! yuck!

    GO CANES!!!