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Vegas Voyage: The NHL Awards

In thirteen days, this caniac boards a plane to Sin City to partake in the 2011 NHL Awards. Clearly, I am rooting for one particular Carolina Hurricane, Jeff Skinner (a.k.a. Rookie of the Year nominee). Blogging my voyage from Raleigh to Vegas has a few purposes:

  1. I want to represent and promote Carolina hockey. My #1 mission is always to educate others on the sport and recruit fans.
  2. It gives you a chance to “experience” the show with me. Similar to when there’s a game on that I don’t have access to view and I beg you to give me tweet updates. It eases the pain of not being able to see it yourself.
  3. To brag endlessly.
  4. Connecting other fans together is a goal as well. Whether I meet other writers, fans, NHL staff, whomever…I hope to extend our family on Twitter and other social medias.
  5. To give me something to do on the plane and by the pool.


I’m bunking at the Palms, same as the players and media, so I’m sure there will be plenty hilarities to document. For example, me doing a face plant into a slot machine when I see Skinner, Lidstrom, or Kesler.

I will be blogging a couple times a day on www.cardiaccane.com and I will use the category: Vegas Voyage for ease of viewing if you miss a couple. I will also post the links on Twitter and Facebook.

A little secret….I am a NHL Awards virgin, so I nervously look forward to sharing this experience with you. I promise to be gentle…at first.

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