When it's all said and done, the Canes will live to see another game...and so will I...in a Skinner sweater!

Bar Crawl of Shame

Just as the Hurricanes lost in OT to the Buffalo {insert cuss words here} Sabres, I also lost. I bet fellow FanSided writer at Sabre Noise I would sport a “I HEART SABRES” shirt should the Carolina Hurricanes fall to the Sabres.

They fell. I fell. We all fell down, ring-a-round-the-freaking-rosy. Part of the wager was to post pictures of my nightmare bar crawl through Raleigh wearing the shirt of shame. So, this is me upholding my end of the bargain. I will recap tonight’s game in all it’s misery tomorrow.

Seconds after loss. Feeling cocky at this point. It's a Sunday...no one is out, this will be easy.

2nd bar...and where things started to get...inappropriate.

You know who you run into on a Sunday night at the bars? A 71 year old Sabres fan.

Ah, no worries! I found some Canes fans that loved me despite my ugly shirt.

...that's because they saw the back of my shirt! Didn't say anything about the back of the shirt Timmy! And yes, I am whispering sweet nothings in the old man's hairy ear.

Although I am crushed the Hurricanes lost tonight, I have to thank Tim at Sabre Noise for wagering with me. He would have lost big by having to dye his hair red. Good game. Bet big. Goodnight.

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