The closest thing I could find to a Pink Ice Elephant that was legal. Work with me.

Ignoring the Pink Elephant on the Ice

“Not gonna do it. Not gah, not gah. Not gonna do it!”

–Dana Carvey as George Bush (for you youngsters)

Nope. We are not going there, not gonna do it. We have blogged about the pink elephant on the ice to death. We are simply moving forward Caniacs…

The Carolina Hurricanes are looking at 13 more games, and 8 of the contests will be held on home turf. However, it appears the Canes will be without Jamie McBain. The defenseman suffered a shoulder injury expected to keep him out for 3-4 weeks. His absence will hurt, especially as a player that could help with the little mental fart we are not speaking of today.

Tomorrow matches the 3rd seed in the Northeast against the 3rd seed in the Southeast. Tuesday’s game in Buffalo marks the 3 of 4 meetings with the Sabres. Results are currently at a draw with a win for each team at home. The victor of the next game skates away with a huge win. Buffalo earns a 6 point lead with a win in regulation, while the Carolina could get within 2 points of the final play-off spot.

Future home games include: Leafs, Islanders, Senators, Tampa Bay (twice), Habs, Sabres, and the Detroit Red Wings. Away gigs: Tampa Bay, Caps, Islanders, and Thrashers. This schedule also includes five back-to-backs. Yippee, skippee.

Stayed tuned Caniacs for a more detailed look at the pending doom, I mean game, with the Sabres tomorrow.

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