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Max-ed Out On Chara Conflict

                                                                                                                I’ve reviewed the countless conflicting blogs, letters and tweets on the horrific hit that took place on Wednesday night. Although I do have an opinion, I decided to refrain from bombarding others with another egocentric viewpoint. So instead of focusing on the various debates, let’s remember what it means to be a fan. A fan Pacioretty needs.

Max Pacioretty sent a Tweet Thursday which stated…

“Just read some of your tweets and I’m so happy to be a Montreal Canadien, we have the best fans in the world. Thanks.”

 A class-act compliment from a very injured athlete at the center of heated controversy fueled by the very people he praises.

I am proud to be hockey fan. I respect the players and appreciate the game. I am no hockey aficionado, but I understand what it means to be the fan to which  Mr. Pacioretty is referring.

Fans may not be the ones wearing the skates or regulating NHL protocol, but they do contribute with their actions. A fan may choose to spend $80 on a sporting event to cheer on their favorite team. On the other hand, a sports devotee may choose to withdraw support.

The TV clicks off in my house the minute Michael Vick’s face disgraces the screen as we do not wish to champion the player or his sponsors. It is our right as a sport enthusiasts.

My husband loves to claim we are merely debating when we are clearly fighting. So, call it what you will, but the bickering over the intent, results, and responsibilities won’t solve anything. Support Max’s speedy recovery by being the fan he deserves and is happy to know.

Hum, my opinion has slipped in here after all. I should have known that would happen. Bear with me, it has been an emotional week and I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of “debates.”

I was feeling a bit poetic as I continued to pray for the winger, my apologies for throwing a poem into my rough and tough sports column. Slight sarcasm there. But it is my blog and I will rhyme if I want to…

A Fan for Max

It is more than knowing a player’s number and stats,

or saying you root for the Habs or Cats.

 Knowledge and love of the game are woven like a warm quilt,

as it is simply how the hockey heart was built.

 With every hard hit your knuckles blanch white,

while inside you know you’re begging for a fight.

The athletes upon skates weave and strike with fierce grace,

and through the glass their passion you can nearly taste.

You know every play from the third, blue, and goal line,

and if you did not know…Skinner is mine.

Crystals sparkle from the blades throwing  shaved ice,

and you realize win or a lose…either will suffice.  

 It is quite plain to see you are a hockey fan,

so please simply tap your stick to Patch the Man.

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