Hurricanes Head To Montreal Tonight, Hurricanes vs. Canadians Preview

Carolina Hurricanes v Montreal Canadiens

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The Carolina Hurricanes look to win their second game in a row tonight as they take on the Montreal Canadians. The Hurricanes have been known to have sucess in Montreal in the last couple of years and look to continue it tonight. The Hurricanes have lost both games against the Canadians this season losing 4-3 in a shootout and 5-1 before Christmas. The Canadians have been one of the hottest teams in the NHL in March and has moved from out of the playoffs into 6th place with 6 games remaining. Tonight marks Cam Wards second night back as he seems to be an outstanding goalie when playing Montreal and will be his first start this season against the Canadians. The Hurricanes light at the end of the hallway this season has been Brandon Sutter. “It’s not just a good player and then in four or five years when he develops he’s going to be an impact player for the Hurricanes,” coach Paul Maurice told the team’s Web site. “He is now, and there’s nothing to his game to suggest that he’s been lucky in doing it.”
Sutter will look for his 20th goal of the season tonight and how great would it be if he got it tonight in an atmoshpere like Montreal. If the Hurricanes are to win tonight, they will have to bring their A game and stay out of the box. The winner will likely also be the winner of the special teams battle.

News & Notes: Hurricanes look to play well in Montreal
Sutter looks for 20th goal of the season

Injuries: CAR Tim Gleason
CAR Alexandre Picard
MTL Glen Metroploit
MTL Paul Mara

Prediction: CAR 3 MTL 1 F

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