Welcome Caniac Nation and Hockey Fans, Especially At This Bad Time

Welcome Caniac’s to my blog Cardiac Cane.  Unfortunately it comes at the worst time since the franchise moved to Carolina in 1997.   However, that is not where the bad news ends.  During another embarrassing loss the Hurricanes have lost their franchise player, Eric Staal, for the next couple of games.  So where does this leave the Hurricanes now that they are 0-6-3 in their last nine games.  Well lets start with a couple of positives.

First there is Cam Ward, granted he played terrible against San Jose Sunday, but without Ward the Hurricanes would most likely only have two points.  Ward has been the one true rock on the team that is in such disarray.  The other bright spot in the last week has been the call up of Brandon Sutter.  Sutter looks like he will stay with the team for now and fully deserves it as he scored the only 2 goals for the Hurricanes this weekend.  Outside of Sutter and Ward the team is a complete mess.  The best way to describe it is that the Hurricanes seem one step slower than whomever they are playing.

The Hurricanes biggest problem seems to be the lack of confidence on the ice, goals seem to be coming in succession.  For instance the Hurricanes got a great goal from Sutter against the Sharks before giving up a two bad goals in less than two minutes after taking the 1-0 lead.  With the group of veterans the Hurricanes have confidence would have been the last thing I was concerned about.  Jim Rutherford announced today that he has heated up talks on a trade, but does not expect much will happen due to the new CBA and the difficulty of matching up contracts early in the season.  The more likely option will be to bring up the young talent such as Boychuk or Bowman.

If the Hurricanes are going to get back on track this could be the week.  The Hurricanes play Florida and Toronto, which are at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with the Hurricanes.  We should be able to see what kind of resilience the Hurricanes have after this week.  Here’s to hoping we will be in the playoffs and not looking forward to the draft.  If you missed the game on Sunday, I have posted a video link below.  What do you think the problems are and where do we go from here.

Sharks vs Hurricanes Recap

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  • Tracy

    1) Ward is not necessarily a “good” thing we have going.
    2) Rosey was alongside Sutter in playing his heart out. Always has and hopefully always will.
    3) How about a coaching change? Although I am not particularly fond of Maurice, he did shake things up when he replaced Lavi. I just beg Rutherford not to let the replacement be Ron Francis, as we all know is coming. :)

  • BMichelleK87

    LaRose may be hustling but he is not playing well. I love Chad as much as the next canes fan but it’s not working. What about all these line changes? Rutuu and Cole with Staal was a great line last year. Why change something that is not broken.

  • Nellary Branch

    Great article! Hopefully the Canes will win their next game. I’m looking forward to reading your future blog posts.

  • http://MileHighSticking Jake Bennett

    Welcome to the Fansided community!

    I’ve always liked Ward. He’s the only goalie besides my boy Patrick Roy to win the Conn Smythe as a rookie. Hope your luck changes and you guys have a successful season!

  • Zach

    Welcome to the FanSided family! GO CANES!

  • http://www.babeslovebaseball.com Sooze

    Welcome to Fansided!

  • Omar Zaman

    The Ducks Daily Blog welcomes you to the FanSided network! the ‘Canes and Ducks are both in a tough situation right now, so good luck to you.

    How about this: We’ll give you Giguere for Staal? I’ll even throw in a first rounder!

  • http://kingsofkauffman.com Wally

    Welcome to FanSided!

  • http://catcraveradio.com CatCraveRadio

    Welcome to FanSided, Wesley!

  • http://penslabyrinth.com Sergei Feldman

    Welcome aboard! Looking forward to some great ‘Canes coverage.

  • http://blackhawkup.com Jeff Bartl

    Glad to have you, Wesley! Good luck with the blog, and let me know if I can help in anyway at all!

  • Cane Hater

    I hope the Canes lose every game the rest of the year.

  • pattik

    Welcome Wesley,

    Excellent insight…you seem to have your finger on the pulse of the team..Keep up the good work.

  • Steven Hoggard

    Great blog Wesley. I agree Ward has had games where he has played great and the rest of the team hasnt shown up. We could possibly have at least 5 more wins if the team would support him a little more. Walker and the juice have been great so far. The best change I think they can make is to change the coach this season and look to build for the future. It would be great to make the playoffs again but I think we need to have longterm goals too.

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  • http://www.boltsbythebay.com boltsbythebay

    I agree with cane hater, I too hope the canes lose for the rest of the season. Actually not really, just lose all their games to the bolts! Welcome to Fansided